Corona crisis in Berlin: Senate advises due to “extreme infection situation” on stricter rules – Berlin


Dispute over corona measures – Brandenburg Left wants rapid tests in schools

Before the Prime Minister’s Conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is in Brandenburg State Parliament a violent discussion about the planned corona restrictions inflamed. While the CDU faction especially more protection for the elderly and the staff demanded in care facilities, wants the Left parliamentary group significantly more protection against infection in schools and daycare centers. The Free voter want the Reopen restaurants, museums, theaters and zoos subject to hygiene requirements allowed to.

Left parliamentary group leader Kathrin Dannenberg demanded weekly corona rapid tests in all Brandenburg schools and daycare centers, so that they could stay open. This is the only way they could Detected symptom-free among the infected students or teachers and action will be taken quickly, Dannenberg said on Tuesday. “The fact is that schoolchildren are part of the infection process. There is a significant increase in the incidence in all age groups, and it is particularly high among 15 to 19 year olds, ”she said.

According to the Ministry of Education on Tuesday, the schools a total of 9,695 quarantine cases reported – 382 more than on Friday. That corresponds to one 3.3 percent of all around 292,700 schoolchildren in the state. Currently among the students are in quarantine nationwide 463 tested positive for the coronavirus – a share of 0.2 percent. Both Teachers were total 741 quarantine cases reported – two fewer than on Friday. This corresponds to 3.1 percent of all around 24,200 teachers in schools.

Dannenberg called on Education Minister Britta Ernst (SPD), one Catalog of measures to be submitted by March. That also included financial aid for technical ventilation systems in schools, a better one School transport with more private bus companies and one good digital equipment of schools and students. From the seventh grade onwards, one should start next week Alternation model between face-to-face and distance learning be introduced.

In contrast, CDU parliamentary group leader Jan Redmann said that the focus of the measures should rather be on the Residents and employees in care facilities be steered. Because among those over 80, the number of new infections has risen particularly sharply in recent weeks. Therefore, especially there, the infection process must be with the help of Rapid tests be contained, said Redmann.

SPD parliamentary group leader Erik Stohn emphasized that it was one Contact minimization of 75 percent necessaryto break the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the partial lockdown, only 40 percent of the editorial staff was reached in November. Therefore, further measures are now necessary.

The free voters, however, demanded that the state government after the Prime Minister’s Conference on Wednesday Submit measures shouldthat matched the infection rate in the country. There are so far no evidence of this, that the Gastronomy, museums, theaters or zoos would have contributed significantly to the infection process, said their group leader Péter Vida. Therefore, these companies and facilities would have to be allowed to reopen under hygiene requirements, demanded Vida.

The state parliament wants on Thursday in one Special session about the planned corona restrictions debate before they are decided in the Cabinet. The AfD parliamentary group had a Special meeting before the Prime Minister’s Conference requested. This is what Landtag President Ulrike Liedtke said declinedsaid the parliamentary manager of the AfD parliamentary group, Dennis Hohloch. “This way, resolutions that have already been passed should be legitimized retrospectively by the state parliament,” criticized Hohloch. He announced that his faction would have one next time Examine the lawsuit before the state constitutional court will. (dpa)

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