Corona deaths: Calculation shows the sad situation in Germany


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The number of corona deaths in Germany is consistently high. A calculation impressively shows how many patients die from or with Covid-19 per hour.

  • Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: The Corona case numbers stay despite the Lockdown Lights high.
  • The number of Covid-19-Kill also remains at a consistently high level.
  • A calculation shows how often Coronavirus– deaths currently in the Corona-Crisis really are.

Munich – The DGAI has sounded the alarm. That’s short for the Intensive Care Medicine Working Group of the German Society for Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine. A cumbersome term for important jobs.

And a representation for those medical professions who are at the forefront Corona-Front against the insidious lung disease Covid-19 and for the life of the Coronavirus Patients fight. Far beyond the particularly affected federal states Bayern and Baden-Württemberg out.

Corona pandemic in Germany: intensive care physicians are sounding the alarm with a view to intensive care beds

Only three intensive care beds are on average in German hospitals free, the DGAI said on Monday, November 30th. “We are in an absolutely exceptional situation that we have seen in the history of the Intensive care have never seen it before “, explained Gernot Marx, the spokesman for the working group.

It is a sentence that impressively describes the seriousness of the situation. A calculation example underlines this impression. So writes FOCUS Onlinethat in Germany every five minutes a person with or at Corona dies. The news portal refers to its own calculations for 7-day average of deaths, counted backwards from Monday, November 30th.

Coronavirus pandemic in Germany: an average of 305 Covid-19 deaths per day

Accordingly, there is currently in Germany an average of 305 Covid-19 deaths per day to complain. According to surveys by the US Johns Hopkins University were in on Monday evening (November 30th), as of 5.45 p.m. Germany 16,367 people with or on Coronavirus died.

At the same time since the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany, a total of more than 1.05 million people were with the Pathogen SARS-CoV-2 infected. Most of them are now considered recovered. (pm)

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