Corona: Frankfurt builds vaccination centers | Regional


Frankfurt – The banking metropolis is preparing for the corona vaccinations. At least 60 percent of the citizens should be given a means to contain the pandemic sustainably.

The state of Hesse gave the order for the construction and operation of nationwide vaccination centers until December 11th on Monday. Involved in the implementation in Frankfurt: health department, disaster control, fire management. The “Vaccination Center Planning Staff” is under the direction of the health department – in close contact with the administrative staff.

Mayor Peter Feldmann (62, SPD): “A huge task, but one that also offers a great opportunity. Over 1000 vaccinations per day and vaccination center, seven days a week – that is only possible if everyone really pulls together. I have no doubt about that in Frankfurt. ”

Head of Health Stefan Majer (62, Greens): “With well-planned and efficient vaccination campaigns and a hopefully high vaccination rate, the door to a real and long-awaited normalization will be open to us next year.”

But it will take months until the required vaccination rate is achieved. Further details have not yet been announced in order to be able to “guarantee the smoothest possible set-up and timely completion.” Probable set-up locations: airport and trade fair.

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