Corona in Bavaria: Germany’s number 1 super hotspot now in the Free State – important change in Abi exams


The partial corona lockdown was extended again. The number of cases is leveling off at a high level. The city of Passau is a new super hotspot in Bavaria.

  • After the Corona * resolutions in Berlin, new measures will apply in Bavaria until the end of December.
  • In a government statement, Prime Minister Markus Söder defended the new rules.
  • This news ticker is updated regularly.
  • Here we offer you the current case numbers in Bavaria in a map *.

Update from November 30th, 4:21 pm: Already now throws Corona-Krise a shadow on the coming year. In Munich divided Bavaria Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo (FW) that the Abitur exams will be postponed by 14 days. They will now take place on May 12, 2021. “We want all high school graduates to find fair conditions – in the exams themselves and in preparation.”

“The High schools start their final exams earlier than other types of schools. Therefore make yourself in the high school classes Quarantine measures and also longer phases with Distance teaching particularly noticeable and can lead to deadline pressure, ”emphasized Piazolo. In order to provide relief here, the exam date has been postponed. Should the Infection layer worsen further, it could be that the final examination be moved back again. Then the other types of schools could also be affected.

Update from November 30th, 2 p.m .: Passau has another Corona maximum value achieved: With a Seven-day incidence of 579.5 the Lower Bavarian city currently has to Corona Hotspot Number 1 developed in Germany. The nationwide top runner, the district of Hildburghausen in Thuringia, is just behind. According to the RKI, the seven-day incidence here was 579.1. (You can read more about this in our Passau ticker.)

Passau: City is developing into the number 1 corona hotspot in Germany

Update from November 30th, 10:28 am: After a Corona outbreak The slaughterhouse in Vilshofen (Passau district) was closed last week. 82 of a total of 300 employees spoke out loud BR in the Lower Bavarian company with the Virus infected. According to the Passau District Office, employees from Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania are affected.

After the corona outbreak: slaughterhouse in Bavaria closes – over 80 employees infected

All those who tested positive are loud BR in Isolation. Since the results of the series tests are still pending, it cannot be ruled out that the number of infected people will continue to rise. Economics minister wants to meet today, Monday Hubert Aiwanger (Free voters) together with Gerhard Stadler, District President of Lower Bavaria of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association (BBV), on the spot about the situation to inform.

According to the ministry, the closure the tense situation for the pig market in free State. Also increase the closure of Slaughterhouses the backlog of pig slaughtering.

Corona: Bavaria’s super hotspot now with the highest incidence value in Germany

Update from November 30th, 8:05 a.m .: The 7 day incidence in Bavarian Corona hotspot Passau is rose again. The Robert Koch Institute gives this now 576,9 (As of November 30, 00:00 a.m.). Thus, the city of Passau also leaves the Thuringian district of Hildburghausen behind and now has the highest 7 day incidence Germany on. The city has been strict since Saturday Curfew. The apartment may only be left with a valid reason.

Update from November 29, 10:23 p.m .: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder has criticized the fact that some citizens repeatedly looked for loopholes in the applicable regulations in the corona pandemic. “My impression is that a lot of people are always looking for a loophole, for a parallel discussion,” said the CSU boss on Sunday evening ARD program “Anne Will”. “If we now concentrate on how we can lower the numbers as best as possible and apply it as consistently as possible, then I think it is Christmas relaxed. ”He was more concerned about New Year’s Eve and skiing than Christmas anyway.

Corona: Söder on “Anne Will” (ARD): Tightening is possible

In the next two weeks we will see how the numbers develop. A partial all-clear could be given. There is no longer any exponential upward growth. Conversely, however, there is also no downward movement. “In the next two weeks we will have to do another update on how we stand and in In doubt from extending and deepening More in depth do.”

Update from November 29th, 6:50 p.m .: The Marburg Federation, the association of employed and civil servant doctors in Germany, in Bavaria sounds the alarm. The increasing number of corona cases is bringing the hospitals in Bavaria to their limit. The association derives from its own survey how BR24 reported.

According to the survey, there are more than half Clinicians because of the many Crown-Patien other treatments restrict to have to. The phased plan for hospital care announced by the state government must be implemented. It also says that the Regular supply can not be maintained, should the Case numbers not sink.

Update from November 29th, 9.25 a.m .: In the Lower Bavarian university town Passau is the 7-day incidence value the Corona infections with the numbers update at midnight (November 29th) 537,8 New infections per 100,000 inhabitants increased. So Passau is now too „pink“ in the Hotspot map. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) had introduced the new color a few days ago for Regionsin which the value rises to over 500. Now only the district of Hildburghausen in the south of Thuringia has an even higher figure with 579.1 Incidence value on.

In the city of Passau, the 7-day incidence of new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants has risen to over 500.


Corona in Bavaria: Passau now “pink” – extreme increase in infection not yet to be explained

On Saturday the value in Passau was 440. Where did the sudden one come from strong increase is currently unclear, as the Passauer Neue Presse (PNP) reports. Also the one belonging to Passau district belongs to one of the in Bavaria as well as in Germany Corona-Hotspots. The current incidence value is included there 378,9.

The corona situation in Passau has hardly been in effect for a few days controllable. So there was already a strict one in the city Curfew has been imposed. It has been in effect since yesterday, Saturday (November 28th). Residents are now only allowed to share their homes good reason leave.

First report from November 28, 2020: Munich – The Corona situation in Bavaria did after the four week Partial lockdown hardly relaxed in November. The number of cases no longer increases exponentially, but remains at a high level. That is why they agreed at a meeting of the heads of state with the Chancellor in Berlin that the Action by Christmas to extend. In addition, further tightening was decided – especially for cities and districts with very high levels Incidence values. To such a so-called Super hotspot The Lower Bavarian city of Passau * also counts.

Corona in Bavaria: Exit restrictions have been in effect in Passau since Saturday

On Friday (November 27th) Passau’s mayor took office Jürgen Dupper (SPD) in front of the public to talk about the high Corona * case numbers in his city. As the Passauer Neue Presse reports, he started his speech with a little gallows humor. “We actually like to be at the forefront Bayern, of course we can’t be proud of it this time. ”He meant the high one 7-day incidence value. He lies loud Robert Koch Institute (RKI) at 439.4 (as of November 28, 0 a.m.). This puts the three-river city in second place in Germany – behind the Thuringian district of Hildburghausen (595).

To that Corona*-Infection events in Passau *, special restrictions apply from Saturday (November 28). One of the rules issued in a general decree is one Exit restriction. “Leaving the apartment is only allowed with a valid reason,” said OB Dupper. That means: going to the doctor, buying groceries and visiting relatives are allowed, but must be plausible. The police * should also check this. In addition, from the 7th grade onwards, students go to Alternating lessons (excluding the final classes). These and many other measures should initially apply until Friday, December 4th. Should be the Corona incidence have not fallen to at least 300, the restrictions will be extended, so Dupper.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder irritates with Trump comparison and condemns lateral thinkers

Has on Friday Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) in a government statement * before Bavarian State Parliament once again the extension of the Corona measures defended. With the words “extend, deepen, help”, the country manager summarized the coming period up to December 20th. Especially for that Ski tourism industry he had no good news. Mountain railways and lifts should remain closed for the time being. “Ischgl is not forgotten,” says Söder. And also on New Year’s Eve should be celebrated with caution. “No big parties,” he demands CSU-Chef.

In his speech took South also reference to the lateral thinker Jana from Kassel, who spoke about a few days ago Sophie Scholl has compared. Such a comparison is outrageous and embarrassing, the head of the country condemned the statements of the woman. Generally it is Lateral thinking movement a “toxic concoction of fake news, hatred, fear and intolerance”. Caused a brief irritation South but with a Trump comparison *. When it comes to the new Mask requirement in parking lots went, he said: “Even Donald Trump * wears a mask now and then, one or the other could take an example.” Which Corona rules now apply exactly until the Christmas holidays, you can read in our overview article *. (tel) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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