Corona in Germany: Clinics in Berlin report red traffic lights for intensive care beds


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The corona virus still has Germany under control. An admission freeze will be imposed in a hospital in Berlin, the corona traffic light for intensive care beds in Berlin will turn red.

  • In nationwide Corona*-Hotspot Hildburghausen has been a drastic one since Wednesday Lockdown.
  • The Vivantes Hospital in Berlin has one Stop recording for all patients: imposed inside.
  • The CoronaTraffic light for Intensivbetten in Berlin jumps to red.

+++ 6:13 p.m .: The Berliners Corona-Ampel For Intensivbetten shows yellow again. According to the values ​​updated on Sunday, 24.2 percent of the intensive care beds are now with them Covid-19 patients occupied. The traffic light jumped to the highest warning level for the first time at noon with a value of 25.3 percent delivered for Saturday. For the incidence value of the last seven days, the traffic light system has been showing red for a long time: The value is currently 202.0.

+++ 3.39 p.m .: The situation in Berlin is coming to a head. Both the seven-day incidence in Berlin at 200.9 New infections per 100,000 inhabitants and the occupancy of intensive care beds in the state capital’s hospitals (currently 25.3 percent) can be seen as clear alarm signals. Since the introduction of the so-called Corona-Ampel For the first time in Berlin, two of the three “traffic lights” are on red. Within one day, there were 824 new infections and eleven deaths.

The Berlin Senator for Health, Dilek Kalayci, is afraid of overloading the Berliner Hospitals and appeals to the population of the capital: “It is the order of the day to forego any contact that is not absolutely necessary.” Kalayci also demands the Berlin women and Berliner to this, “preferably everywhere” the mask to wear. Over the past few weeks, Berlin has hosted large-scale demonstrations against the Corona rules, the participants mostly neither wore a mask, nor was it Minimum distance adhered to.

Corona in Germany: Only 53 percent want corona vaccination

Update from Sunday, November 29th, 2020, 8:15 a.m .: According to a survey by the Barmer health insurance company, just over half of the population is in favor of a vaccination against this Coronavirus ready. While 53 percent of those surveyed over the age of 16 are planning to be vaccinated against the virus, only 42 percent want their children to be vaccinated, reported the “RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland” with reference to the survey. According to the information, a total of 2,000 people were interviewed in a representative manner.

15 percent said they might oppose it Corona get vaccinated, nine percent “probably not” and 13 percent “definitely not”. Ten percent of those questioned were undecided. According to scientific knowledge, around two thirds of the population must be vaccinated in order to achieve what is known as herd immunity.

Corona in Germany: admission freeze in one of the largest hospitals

+++ 4.20 p.m .: One of the largest hospitals in Germany, the Vivantes Hospital in Berlin-Neukölln, has due to the many Corona-Patient: within one Stop recording imposed. This is reported by the Berlin “Tagesspiegel” with reference to hospital circles. Fire and rescue services should also no longer be allowed to deliver emergencies.

According to the “Tagesspiegel”, 85 percent of the beds in the hospital are occupied. The big problem is a lack of nurses due to the Corona-Pandemie. “Around 15 percent of the nurses are absent from most wards – because they are sick themselves or are in quarantine,” said Vivantes doctor Thomas Werner.

There is a freeze on admission to the Vivantes Clinic in Berlin. There is a lack of staff.

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Police operation at the Corona test station in Hildburghausen

+++ 2:05 p.m .: after the police on Thursday evening via the assembly authority knowledge of a call on social media for a Blockade the local Corona-Teststation in Hildburghausen obtained, this moved out to a mission. A Blockade could not be found on site. Who exactly is behind it is unclear.

All intensive care beds in Hildburghausen occupied

+++ 12.20 p.m .: According to the register of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (DIVI), all Intensivbetten in nationwide Corona-Hotspot Hildburghausen occupied. The DIVI register lists a total of eight for the district Intensivbetten on. in the Hildburghausen district there is a general hospital and a specialist clinic for psychiatry and neurology.

The Incidence number has increased from 602.9 to just under 630 compared to Thursday (November 26th, 2020). There are currently 853 active members in the county positive corona cases. As the only region Germany shines Hildburghausen on the Crown-Karte of Robert Koch Institute pink.

District administrator in Hildburghausen is threatened – police protection

First report from Friday, November 27th, 2020: The Thuringian Hildburghausen currently applies to a Incidence number (Number of New infections per 100,000 inhabitants) of 602.9 is by far the largest Corona hotspot in the Federal Republic. After there were protests in Hildburghausen on Wednesday (25.11.2020) *, in which most of the participants did not Mouthguard wore or Keep your distance, the situation continues to escalate.

After the Hildburghausener District Administrator Thomas Müller on Thursday (28.11.2020) the Protests against the strict Lockdown criticized as irresponsible, he was in the social media offended and threatened. As reported by Spiegel Thomas Müller according to the police Already reported in Erfurt. He is now under Police protection.

In the Corona hotspot Hildburghausen, there has been a drastic lockdown since the middle of the week

Both Demonstrations Hundreds of people moved through the southern Thuringian city on Wednesday. About 30 used police officers succeeded, with selective use of pepper spray the Protesters to disperse. 30 participants should report violations of the German Infection Protection Act received, there should have been no arrests.

In Hildburghausen apply drastically since the middle of the week Corona measures. According to Spiegel, citizens are no longer allowed to leave their homes without good reason until December 13th, kindergartens and schools are closed.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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