Corona in the USA: Incredible scenes: Rules do not matter – 7000 people celebrate a secret giant wedding


A mega wedding took place in New York. About 7000 people celebrated, danced and sang. The mayor was horrified. But it wasn’t the only offense.

  • The US is one of the countries that is also in the second wave * strongest of the Corona*-Pandemic are affected.
  • restrictions should get the situation under control.
  • Still celebrate again and again Thousands at weddings – without a gap or mask.
  • Now New York is taking an unexpected step (see update from November 29th, 7:01 p.m.).

Update from November 29th, 7:01 p.m .: Shortly after it became known that in early November thousands of people in New York close together one huge wedding partied, comes the next Corona notification from the Big Apple: Despite rising corona numbers, the public Elementary schools in the US metropolis will soon be allowed to reopen. mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Sunday that the plan would be implemented from December 7th.

The city is doing a U-turn and is abandoning its self-imposed rules. If three or more percent of the corona tests turn out positive, the schools should actually have remained closed. But the requirement aroused massive criticism. Because while the educational institutions had to close, they were allowed to Indoor restaurants too continue to operate. The city government has apparently bowed to this pressure. The schools for older children remain closed, however.

“What we are looking forward to the next few weeks in December unfortunately we expect one new wave could have – in addition to the wave we are already in, ”said the renowned virologist Anthony Fauci the TV broadcaster NBC regarding the development of the corona numbers in the entire USA. According to him, the situation will continue to worsen. It is not too late to take countermeasures, but because of the Holidays and more trips A further increase in new infections can be expected.

Corona in the USA: Incredible scenes in New York – wedding with almost 7000 guests

First report from November 29th: New York – Incredible scenes from a synagogue in New York: Thousands of wedding guestswho are crowded together in the synagogue, celebrating in the galleries, hopping and singing to the wedding couple in the middle. distance? Nothing and hardly any of the guests wears a mask. The recordings that were made on 8. November caused horror among many responsible persons. “That was extremely irresponsible, simply unacceptable”, said the mayor of the city Bill de Blasio. But it wasn’t the only disregard for the regulations.

Corona: Wedding celebration in a confined space – almost 7000 people celebrate – planning like the CIA

The Planning the wedding seemed to be thought out to the smallest detail and careful not to attract attention. Planning in secret. “In a few weeks, the organizers worked closely together to arrange everything in the best possible way. Any announcements regarding the upcoming celebration orally passed on without written notice, without a poster in the synagogue, without e-mail invitations and without publication in a newspaper ”, quoted the NYPost a Jewish newspaper that made the plans public after the celebration.

Exactly how many people crowded into the synagogue on November 8th cannot be determined. However, the religious site has a total capacity of 7,000 people and the pictures and videos available to NYPost show: The synagogue appeared to be full – People close together.

The guests at the wedding reception clap and hug. None of them wear a mask.

© Screenshot Video NYPost

Corona: Wedding celebration with almost 7000 people – those responsible outraged

“Let us be clear: Indoor gatherings of this size are unacceptable And you are offensive towards all the sacrifices that New Yorkers have made to their families and neighbors Covid-19 to protect, ”said Mitch Schwartz, an employee in the mayor’s office, opposite the NYPost. “The city carries out a large number of inspections every day,” he explains. He couldn’t explain how such a big wedding and Disregard of the Corona * rules could not be discovered.

Because of the high Corona numbers (November 28: almost 156,000 new infections per day) also apply in the USA numerous restrictions, including contact restrictions. In addition, a maximum number of participants of half the room capacity applies in religious gatherings. A distance of six feet (1.8 meters) must be maintained between members of different households. If this is not possible, a Mask requirementaccording to NYPost.

Corona: After unbelievable scenes at a wedding party – further disregard of the Corona regulations

The synagogue in Brooklyn is now threatened Fine of $ 15,000. “We don’t want to do that, but we have to be very, very clear that we cannot allow people to do something so dangerous,” explained de Blasio.

But the Mass event on November 8th was not the only violation of a religious event Corona guidelines. The city was able to dissolve a wedding that was planned before the celebration on November 8th. There were 10,000 guests expected. And also at the end of November, according to NYPost, numerous people celebrated a Jewish wedding again and disregarded the regulations for fighting Corona *. (chd) * is part of the Ippen digital network.

Rubriklistenbild: © Screenshot Video nypost

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