Corona: Moderna developed vaccine candidates in 2 days


The vaccine candidate from pharmaceutical company Moderna was developed in just 2 days in January. According to the company, it should have an effectiveness of 94.5 percent. The reason for this Blitz development is the technology that Moderna relies on: messenger RNA-based vaccines (mRNA), also called messenger RNA.

It is about one genetic material that “teaches” cells to make proteins. In the case of Corona, the vaccine causes the body to make the spike protein. This main protein allows the coronavirus to dock on and attack the cells. If the body produces the spike protein itself, it develops antibodies and thus an immune response.

Short development

For this type of vaccine only the gene sequence of the coronavirus is required. Cultivation of the virus in the laboratory is no longer necessary and the development therefore took a surprisingly short time, like Business Insider reported.

But not only the short development time, but also the effectiveness of 94.5 percent provides a surprise. The US Food and Drug Administration The FDA had previously announced that it would approve a vaccine with a 50 percent effectiveness. The US immunologist Anthony Fauci previously hoped for 70 percent.

The joint vaccine candidate from Pfizer and BioNTech is said to be even more effective with 95 percent Moderna. This is also an mRNA.


In principle, the candidates from the two pharmaceutical companies seem promising. So far, the FDA had never approved an mRNA vaccine. Moderna is slated to contact the FDA soon and have the vaccine authorized for emergency use. Pfizer provided the application.

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