Corona numbers Passau: Incidence in the city, according to the RKI, highest in Germany – Current case numbers on Monday


  • Passau has the highest with over 570 Incidence in Germany according to the RKI.
  • So the situation is on Monday in Passau at New infections and Case numbers.

Corona numbers Passau: Current case numbers of the RKI

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports the numbers for Passau in a dashboard. These differ from those of the due to delays in reporting LGL. This is what the numbers look like in detail (as of November 30, 12:00 a.m.):
  • number of Infected since the beginning of the pandemic: 1192
  • number of New infections: 53

With a Incidence of 576.5 the city has Passau the highest incidence in Germany. The county Hildburghausen, which had the highest incidence last week, is just below the value of Passau at 576.1.

Corona numbers, district of Passau: Current case numbers and incidence

The incidence in the Passau district is also increasing. The RKI reports these numbers (as of November 30, 12:00 am):

  • number of Infected since the beginning of the pandemic: 3925
  • number of New infections: 75

Corona intensive care beds Passau: The number of patients in hospitals is increasing

As the “Passauer Neue Presse” reported, the number of Crown-Patien increased in hospitals. On Wednesday 43 people were with Corona Symptoms Treated in Passau hospitals, so the report. Seven of them are in intensive care. Cases have also occurred at the Passauer Wolf rehabilitation clinic.

The Corona resolutions at a glance!

New Corona rules Passau: City announces tightening on Friday afternoon

In view of the sharp increase in the number of corona infections, strict regulations have applied in Passau since Saturday Exit restrictions. The measures should initially take a week, as Mayor Jürgen Dupper (SPD) announced on Friday.

These rules apply:

  • Passau residents are only allowed to leave their apartment for a valid reason, for example to go to work, to the doctor or to go shopping.
  • In addition, a Alcohol ban in public places.
  • The city decreed Alternating lessons for grades seven to eleven – with the exception of final classes at secondary and secondary schools.

Strict exit restrictions in Passau have begun

Corona rules Passau: This already applies to nursing homes

A measure was however already before the press conference announced: Old people and retirement homes are to be protected. In order to guarantee this, employees of these facilities have to be tested regularly. Visitors are only allowed to enter these facilities if they have one Rapid test and have a FFP2-Mask wear.

Corona district of Passau: outbreak in slaughterhouse

In one slaughterhouse in Vilshofen (Passau district) have at least 83 employees with the Coronavirus infected. The infections became known through the company’s weekly routine tests, said a spokeswoman for the Passau district office on Thursday.

According to the slaughterhouse, the first cases became known last Friday. “On Monday we stopped production,” said a company spokesman. So far 83 of the total of 300 employees have tested positive. The corona infected were divided between two houses for quarantine. Around 30 close contacts were housed and isolated in a separate house. The employees had previously lived in shared apartments.

Corona rules Bavaria: Söder announces stricter rules for skiers and a ban on alcohol

An extension of the lockdown, new rules for hotspots and tightening of contact restrictions – that’s what the Corona summit on November 25th. decided. On Twitter, Markus Söder promised a quick implementation of the rules for Bavaria. This should begin after Thursday.

On Thursday, Söder announced the new rules. Among other things, there are restrictions for skiers and significant restrictions for the hotspots.

Corona rules Bavaria: This now applies to hotspots

In hotspot regions with a 7-day incidence of 200, additional restrictions apply:

  • Music schools and driving schools have to close in hotspots.
  • There is to be an all-day alcohol ban in certain public places in inner cities.
  • Markets and weekly markets have to close, except for food sales.
  • According to a cabinet decision, the local authorities are allowed to impose further strict conditions and restrictions in hotspot regions, including exit restrictions.

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