“Corona Pandemic” is “Word of the Year” 2020


Updated November 30, 2020, 10:25 a.m.

  • “Corona Pandemic” has been named “Word of the Year” 2020 by the Society for the German Language.
  • “Lockdown” landed in second place, as the company announced on Monday in Wiesbaden.

You can find more current information on the coronavirus here

The term “Corona-Pandemie” has been named Word of the Year 2020. The composition denotes that dominant theme for almost the entire yearsaid the Society for German Language in Wiesbaden on Monday. Linguistically, the term stands for a Large number of new word formationsthe jury justified their decision.

Eight of the ten words in the year have one direct reference to the pandemic. The term landed in second place in this year’s ranking “Lockdown”, which refers to the politically decided measures to restrict social contacts. The social and psychological consequences that cannot be remedied economically cannot yet be foreseen. The word “Conspiracy tale” followed in third place

“Corona pandemic” follows “respected” and “hot time”

A jury regularly votes for the campaign ten words and phrases representing the political, economic, and social life of a year linguistically determined in a special way to have.

The terms come from a collection of several thousand specimens from various media and submissions from outside parties. Last year it was “Respectful” it was named “Word of the Year” in 2018 “Hot time”.

Suggestions for Unword of the Year revolve around Corona

Am January 12th the “Unword of the Year” is then also chosen. Words are reprimanded that violate the principles of human dignity or democracy, that discriminate against social groups or that are euphemistic, obscuring or misleading formulations. Pure swear words don’t count.

According to the jury, the focus this year of the pandemic is on the choice of language for the coronavirus. So far, suggestions are for example “Alarmism”, “Systemling”, “Corona Dictatorship”, “Wirrologists” or “Covidioten”. Most of the suggestions so far are with 88 for “systemically relevant” was received in connection with a perceived lack of appreciation when limiting the lockdown, explains a jury spokeswoman.

In spite of the need to determine who is allowed to open and who is not, this is seen as a devastating signal for an evaluation. There are 31 suggestions for “Opening Discussion Orgies”.

Migration is another topic this year. So there are 31 suggestions for “Deportation Sponsorship”. They were also submitted “Anchor children” and “Migrationsabwehr”. Outside of the topics of corona and migration, there were submissions like “Pig jam”, “nuclear participation” or “Victim claims ideology”.

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