Corona policy: Suddenly Merkel counteracts an attack from her own party


NIn the beginning it was like always. Angela Merkel justified in a government statement what she had negotiated with the Prime Minister the day before. This format got ground in the Corona crisis, although it is actually bizarre. In normal parliamentary operations, the Chancellor explains in a government statement what she is up to politically. When major international decisions are pending, for example at G-7 summits, G-20 summits or EU councils, Merkel even has to explain her strategy to parliament beforehand. Mind you: before. So that the MPs can still influence.

In the Corona rounds with the Prime Ministers, however, Merkel always comes to the Bundestag afterwards – which means that the parliamentary debate becomes an upscale press conference at which the opposition can then also say something. There is nothing left to decide.

This is how Thursday morning began in the Bundestag.

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