Corona press conference on the winter package – Berset: “Ski areas can be open – with strict protection concepts”


Now GDK President Lukas Engelberger takes the floor. “The last time I stood in front of the media a month ago, the situation was serious,” Engelberger recalls. “The numbers have continued to decline. But what I said at the time still applies: the situation is serious. “

Winter has only just begun. Engelberger assumes that people will spend more time indoors in the coming months. “It is too early to talk about easing now. Federal measures should remain as they are. The cantons can take additional measures. “

According to Engelberger, a mix of corona rules is important, “We are traveling with a hybrid engine, but the distance is still a long way.”

The GDK President also thanks the Swiss population who have so far adhered to the measures. “The falling number of cases shows that the population is taking part. I would like to thank you for sticking to the measures, ”said Engelberger.

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