Corona rules at a glance: Contact restrictions with exceptions for Christmas


Dhe Corona restrictions will be extended until the beginning of January. This was announced by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers of the federal states after more than seven hours of joint consultations. In several press conferences in Berlin and in the state capitals, the politicians provided information about further measures to contain the corona pandemic.

The situation does not allow the November measures to be lifted, said Merkel. “We need another effort,” said the Chancellor. Therefore, the federal and state governments have agreed to continue and partially tighten the corona protective measures.

This includes a new level in the fight against pandemics: from an incidence of more than 200 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week, tougher restrictions are to be introduced. So far, corona measures have been adjusted from a seven-day incidence of 35 and 50. Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Rainer Haseloff spoke of “super hotspots”.

The other resolutions at a glance:

Contact restrictions tightened, exceptions at Christmas

Be to contain the corona pandemic private gatherings with friends, relatives and acquaintances to a maximum five persons limited from your own household and one other household. Children up to 14 years of age are not covered by the regulation. Schleswig-Holstein wants to adhere to its own contact restrictions. So far, meetings between members from up to two households with a maximum of ten people have been allowed.

about Christmas the restrictions are to be relaxed, as had already become known. From December 23rd, meetings “with the closest family or friends” should be possible, up to a maximum ten people all in all. Associated children up to 14 years of age should be exempt from this. The exemption should apply “at the longest” until January 1st. This means that individual federal states could return to the original restrictions earlier.

Alternating lessons from the 8th grade

Far-reaching demands by the federal government for a strong equalization of teaching in schools meanwhile rejected the countries. The group decided that hybrid lessons or alternating lessons in Corona hotspots should be possible from the 8th grade – but not nationwide.

Because of the infections, Merkel had urged students and teachers to take further steps. However, some countries insisted on their responsibilities. They also doubted that schools are a crucial hotspot or cite organizational difficulties, for example for the division of classes. The North German minister-presidents also point to falling infection numbers in their countries.

The topic was discussed for over an hour in the conference, reported Bodo Ramelow (Linke). The Prime Minister of Thuringia announced that all children and young people in the particularly affected Thuringian district of Hildburghausen would be tested.

New guidelines for retail

There could be long lines in front of the supermarkets before Christmas. The Prime Ministers and the Federal Government have also agreed to im retail trade apply a tiered procedure. In stores with more than 800 square meters of sales area, only one person per 20 square meters should be allowed in the future. So far it was one person per 10 square meters. This is reported by several media citing groups of participants.

For shops with less than 800 square meters of retail space, the previous regulation will remain. In detail, the following is planned: Up to an area of ​​800 square meters, there should be no more than one person per 10 square meters – on the area exceeding 800 square meters, no more than one person per 20 square meters.

A general ban on New Year fireworks there won’t be. However, federal states and municipalities should prohibit firecrackers “in busy squares and streets” in order to avoid larger groups. There is also talk of a recommendation to avoid New Year’s Eve fireworks. There should also be no public fireworks like at the Brandenburg Gate.

Federal government should prevent skiing holidays across Europe

According to the will of Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) Ski vacations will be canceled this winter. In the talks he prevailed with this demand: the federal and state governments want to reach a Europe-wide agreed regulation to prevent ski tourism by January 10th. “The federal government is asked to work at European level to ensure that ski tourism is not permitted until January 10,” says the federal and state government decision.

New railway rules

More space in the Trains – but fewer places that can be reserved: This is what the resolution now provides. The “seating capacity” of the trains is to be increased significantly in order to allow even more distance between passengers. It is conceivable to use more trains. The reservability of the Seats should be restricted in parallel.

Details should now be the Bahn establish. In a previous draft, specific details were mentioned, for example that from now on only window seats can be reserved. Now one thing is certain: There is no reservation requirement that has been requested on various occasions. The railway and transport minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) reject this vehemently. You absolutely want to keep the “open system” with a lot of flexibility.

Extensions are initially limited to December 20th

For formal reasons, the decision of the Corona summit was extended to 20th of December Thuringia’s Prime Minister Ramelow said that the measures would then be extended again until the beginning of January. The time limit results from Paragraph 28a of the Infection Protection Act, which only allows restrictions for four weeks.

“Nobody assumes that we will have pubs, restaurants or hotels open by the new year,” said Ramelow. It is still a common goal to achieve the value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days.

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