Corona: This is how Germany ticks – the majority expects the lockdown to be extended


It only recently became clear that the partial lockdown in Germany would be extended. But what about the corona measures afterwards? The Germans have a clear opinion:

After hours of deliberations between the federal government and the federal states last Wednesday (November 25th) it is certain that the Partial lockdown, which was proclaimed on November 2nd, is extended. In order to put a stop to the further rapid spread of the coronavirus, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states have agreed to extend the corona measures until at least December 20th. Private Meetings with friends, relatives and acquaintances will be more strictly limited until then. Namely on the own house and another houset, however, in any case maximum of five people. Children up to 14 years of age should be exempt from this.

But there is also an exception, because over Christmas should the Corona restrictions relaxed be, meeting “In the closest family or friends” to be possible. Specifically, that means that then Meetings for a maximum of ten people are allowed are. Children up to 14 years of age are also excluded. These Corona relaxation should “at the longest“By January 1st last.

But what happens after that? The answer to this question remains open, as it is heavily dependent on the further infection process in Germany. But according to an INSA survey for BILD, the majority of Germans assume that there is at least one more Extension of the lockdown will give.

Corona survey: Germans believe that lockdown will be extended

Four out of five Germans (79 percent) assume that the Corona lockdown is extended in January. Nine percent, on the other hand, expect the restrictions to end.

Also hold overall 69 percent of the respondents the harder ones Contact restrictions with a maximum of five people from two households for correct, 21 percent and thus almost every fifth thinks it is not correct. With 78 percent, around four out of five Germans want to comply with the contact restrictions with a maximum of ten people Christmas and New Year’s Eve hold, 8 percent do not want to go there on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

Interesting: The older the respondents are, the higher the encouragement for compliance with the restrictions on both festivals. Only 13 percent of those questioned between the ages of 18 and 29 state that they only want to stick to it at Christmas.

Corona survey: This is how Germans stand on the ban on New Year’s Eve fireworks in busy squares and streets

Since the Corona meeting between the federal and state governments last Wednesday, it has also been clear that New Year’s Eve in the Corona year 2020 will look completely different than before. Angela Merkel and the prime ministers of the federal states recommend to the citizens at the turn of the year to forego New Year’s fireworks. Fireworks are even completely banned in busy squares and streets in order to avoid larger groups and thus further spread of the Coronavirus to avoid in contact. Numerous Supermarkets and discount stores against this background have even decided to forego the sale of Silverster fireworks, fireworks and rockets this year.

Hold according to poll three out of four Germans (75 percent) the New year’s fireworks ban in busy streets and squares for correct, 15 percent think the Corona measure is wrong.

80 percent of those questioned don’t even want to New Year fireworks buy, 14 percent, on the other hand, apparently do not want to do without firing guns and launching rockets.

Another point of the survey concerns the Europe-wide closure of the ski slopes – 64 percent of Germans are in favor, 20 percent against, and 14 percent are undecided about their position on this issue. The youngest group of respondents think the closure makes the least sense.

Corona measures in Germany: Angela Merkel is behind the extension of the partial lockdown

After the announcement of the Partial lockdown tightened had Chancellor Angela Merkel the people in Germany conjured up in the effort against that Coronavirus not let up. “Right now, when we think so much about Christmas and the coming New Year, I wish and I wish all of us that we will stand up for one another and for one another more than ever.”, so the CDU politician in one Government declaration in the Bundestag.

With emotional words Merkel appealed to the citizens: “If we take that to heart, we will come out of the crisis.” One can only hope that the Chancellor is right – according to the survey, this should not fail because of the will of the Germans. (rob)

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