Corona vaccine: IFPMA warns of euphoria


The international pharmaceutical association IFPMA welcomes the huge advances in possible vaccines against the coronavirus, but warns of euphoria. The expectations must remain realistic, said IFPMA Director General Thomas Cueni in a virtual meeting with the association of UN-accredited journalists in Geneva, ACANU.

Many people think that developing a vaccine is the critical development step in fact, however, the production is above all a challenge, said Cueni. Around 70 percent of the time in the manufacturing process is necessary for quality controls. “Some vaccines have 450 quality controls,” said Cueni.

Manufacture of vaccine Challenge: Up to 450 quality controls required

For example, the vaccine from the companies Biontech from Mainz and Pfizer from the USA need cooling of minus 70 degrees during transport. A possible shortage of glass vials for filling the vaccine could also influence the process.

Cueni described the rapid development of corona vaccines as a milestone. The fastest vaccine ever developed is against Ebola which was approved in the US in 2019. The process did four years lasted. It was ten months for the Covid vaccines. The high effectiveness of the vaccines of more than 90 percent is remarkable and has exceeded the expectations of epidemiologists.

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