Coronavirus – Different developments in the Ybbstal


New infections with the corona virus in the city of Waidhofen have decreased slightly in the past week. While there were 93 active cases on Monday, 85 infected people were counted on Saturday.

25 new infections were added from Monday to Saturday. 33 people recovered in the same period. 75 people have been quarantined by the authority since Monday.

As of Saturday, there are 307 confirmed corona infections in the statutory city since the outbreak of the pandemic in March.

Slight decreases in Sonntagberg and Kematen

The development in the other Ybbstal communities is different. Slight declines were recently recorded in Kematen and Sonntagberg. In Kematen, there were last 19 active cases, on Monday there were 23. In Sonntagberg, 34 infected people were counted on Monday, as of Friday there were 30.

There was no change in Ybbsitz. 25 people were still infected with the corona virus on Friday.

The infections in Hollenstein have risen sharply. 25 active cases were counted in the community on Monday. At the end of the week there were already 36. In Opponitz, the number of infected people increased from two to four from Monday to Friday.

34 positive coronavirus cases were recently reported from Allhartsberg.

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