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Fewer deportations due to the corona pandemic

The number of deportations from Hesse is falling due to the corona pandemic. In the first nine months of the current year 554 people were deported, as Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) announced in response to a small request from the Left parliamentary group in Wiesbaden. These were mainly deportations to the countries of origin Pakistan, Serbia, Morocco, Albania and Romania.

According to the Interior Ministry, 1,302 people were deported from Hesse from January to September of the previous year. For the whole of 2019, the number was 1,681 people. Deportations to the countries of origin as well as transfers according to the so-called Dublin III regulation or to third countries were recorded. According to the EU’s Dublin III Regulation, the Member State in which a refugee was first registered after arriving in Europe should take care of the refugee and his asylum application.

A blanket deportation freeze in connection with the corona situation does not currently exist in a target state or a Dublin state, said the Interior Minister. However, due to the applicable hygiene regulations, requirements or requests from the countries of origin as well as factual restrictions on return options, the pandemic has an impact on returns in many ways.

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