Coronavirus in Hamm: Annoyance about delay in new corona rules – how it goes on


The crisis team in the Hammer town hall waited in vain for signals from the country at the weekend.

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It is still unclear which new corona rules will soon apply in Hamm – and especially when. In the town hall you have to rely on clear announcements from the country, which have so far failed to materialize.

Hamm – In pretty much every town hall in North Rhine-Westphalia Resentment against the state government have been great this weekend. Although the tightened restrictions in the fight against the coronavirus announced last week are to apply from Tuesday, the country remained the necessary one regulation so far guilty. This also complicates the work of the Hammer Corona team. (News about the coronavirus in Hamm)

“It’s not new that this is happening on the part of the country always so delayed“, Quarreled city spokesman Detlef Burrichter on Sunday afternoon. “We are not told when the regulation will come. The then just pops up and we have to act. ”

Crisis team on standby at the weekend

The city had hoped to have a new one at the end of last week General decree to be able to prepare. “There are always various bodies involved, such as the regulatory and legal authorities. Anything goes not even like that and must waterproof be “, explained Burrichter. “The Crisis team then kept himself ready the whole weekend. ”It is uncertain when the state ordinance will arrive at the town hall.

The next step now looks like this: If the state ordinance arrives at the town hall, the modified general decree will be published in the following edition of the Westphalian scoreboard as official notice released. Only after that – mostly with the Corona rules again a day later at midnight – the extended restrictions apply.

New rules will probably not apply until Wednesday

“Everyone needs a moment to adjust to it,” said Burrichter. That means: If the city does not deviate from the tried and tested procedure on Monday, the new corona restrictions in Hamm are likely from Wednesday at the earliest be in effect.

What then applies is largely still open. “If NRW implements exactly what the ministerial presidents have decided, numerous adjustments will be necessary. But in the past there were always Special ways individual federal states, ”said Burrichter.

Citizens, retailers, restaurateurs unsettled

Most likely, at its core, it is about, among other things further contact restrictions, a shortened quarantine time and a customer decimation for retail by square meters (see below!).

The current situation is taking care of citizens, retailers and restaurateurs uncertainty. You are probably forced by the action of the state to adapt to the new requirements as soon as possible. “When the Chancellor spoke last Wednesday, we received uncertain inquiries as to whether everything would be different immediately,” said Burrichter. “It’s not like this. We keep waiting for the new rules.“

These are the most important new resolutions:

  • Partial lockdown extended: The corona measures for November decided on October 28th will be extended nationwide until at least December 20th. In other words: restaurants, fitness studios, leisure and cultural facilities remain closed.
  • Wholesale and retail: Both remain open in December. But there is a new regulation for shops: For shop areas up to 800 square meters, one customer should be allowed for every ten square meters, and one customer for every 20 square meters from 800 square meters. The respective total sales area is to be used for shopping centers. The population is called upon to do their Christmas shopping during the week if possible.
  • Contact restrictions: Private meetings with friends, relatives and acquaintances should be limited to your own household and another household until December 20th, but in any case to a maximum of 5 people. This does not apply to children up to 14 years of age. The citizens of Germany are called on again by the federal and state governments to avoid any unnecessary contact and to stay at home if possible.
  • Christmas and New Years Eve: Contact restrictions will be relaxed on public holidays. The maximum number of people for indoor and outdoor meetings will be extended from December 23rd to January 1st. Then a maximum of 10 people should be allowed to meet in the closest family and friends. Here, too, children up to the age of 14 are excluded.
  • Fireworks: The federal and state governments recommend avoiding fireworks at the turn of the year. There is no sales ban, but there is a ban on firecrackers in busy squares and streets. The local authorities should determine where exactly. Public fireworks are prohibited.
  • Self-quarantine before the holidays: In order to reduce the risk of infection, the federal and state governments advise to drastically reduce contacts again five to seven days before the holidays, to quarantine yourself, so to speak.
  • Schools: With the exception of Bremen and Thuringia, the Christmas holidays start on December 19th. If the incidence is over 50, it should be mandatory to wear a mask in class from the seventh grade onwards. Infection-free schools should be able to be excluded from this. In Corona hotspots, further measures such as homeschooling after schools are to be specifically implemented for older age groups from the eighth grade. The quarantine for classmates of a student who tested positive will be reduced to five days. More rapid antigen tests are to be carried out in schools.
  • Universities and universities: The main aim here is to switch to digital teaching.
  • No trips: All professional and private trips that are not absolutely necessary, especially tourist trips abroad, should be avoided. This should especially apply to skiing holidays.
  • Home office and company holidays: Employers are asked to allow their employees to work from home in an unbureaucratic way – especially from December 23rd to January 1st. Alternatively, employers should check whether they can close their business premises during company holidays.
  • Mask requirement: The mask requirement still applies, but now also in front of shops and in parking lots. In addition, municipalities should determine in which places outdoors, for example in city centers, a mask must also be worn. According to the draft resolution, mouth and nose protection must also be worn in workplaces and facilities – but not at work, provided that a distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained.
  • Grants: State aid for companies, self-employed and associations affected by closure will be extended. The November aid will be extended into December. For areas that are expected to have major restrictions on business operations for months, the bridging allowances will be extended until mid-2021 – for example for the cultural and event industry, self-employed individuals and the travel industry.
  • Quarantine: The quarantine period for contact persons for people infected with the coronavirus will be shortened from 14 to ten days from December 1. A negative corona test is required. Anyone who has already contracted Covid-19 does not have to be quarantined.
  • Go by train: The mask requirement when traveling by train should be checked more closely. The seat capacity in the railways will be increased, but at the same time the availability of seats will be reduced.
  • Churches: The federal and state governments want to talk to the churches about how services and other religious gatherings can take place with the aim of reducing contact. Religious get-togethers with a major event character should be avoided.
  • Relaxation and tightening: The federal states are given their own freedom to relax and tighten the measures depending on the infection rate. If the incidence is well below 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants over seven days, the federal states can decide on their own to relax. Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are currently under 50. With an incidence of over 200, however, the federal states will have to grapple with whether even stricter measures will be adopted. This currently affects 62 districts and Berlin.

As long as the new general decree of the city is not yet legally binding, the following rules continue to apply.

Corona in Hamm – these rules currently apply:

  • Staying in the Publicity is only allowed for two households and with ten people maximum.
  • Meeting in Private rooms are limited to ten people. There is no regulation of how many households people are allowed to come from. Approvals for meetings and celebrations for less than 10 people do not need to be obtained.
  • Mask requirement consists of buses, trains and taxis as before. On too Playgrounds (except for children up to school entry age) it applies according to the current regulation. It is not compulsory to wear a face mask in private cars. In public places, too, there should be more compulsory masks for them Weekly markets this is already the case in Hamm. In the Pedestrian zone applies on Saturdays during business hours Mask requirement.
  • The retail trade stays open, no more than one customer is allowed to be in ten square meters of sales area. Restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and pubs are closed. The restaurateur remains Delivery and collection of food allowed.
  • Eventsthose used for entertainment are prohibited. Professional sport-Events such as ASV Hamm-Westfalen games may only take place without spectators. Not allowed is the leisure and amateur sports company in public and private sports facilities, fitness studios, swimming pools and similar facilities. Individual sports alone, in pairs or with your own household are an exception.
  • The Museum, cinema, zoo, betting shops, brothels, swimming pools and fun pools, saunas, fitness studios and similar institutions are closed. The Maxipark it is open. Music festivals and festivals are prohibited until December 31st.
  • Are also closed Kosmetikstudios, Massagepraxen, Tattoo-Studios and similar establishments. Medically necessary treatments such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and logotherapy as well as foot care are possible. Hairdressing salons can open.

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