Coronavirus is just the beginning: biologist warns – it gets much worse


Corona and almost nothing else – that’s how many people currently see everyday life. That sucks your nerves. However, times may be much worse.

  • Human-caused environmental damage can sometimes be irreparable.
  • As a result, animals also have to develop new habitats.
  • This has consequences for people – and they are extremely dangerous.

Munich – For months there has hardly been another topic in the world than that Corona-Pandemie*. Because the Corona numbers* are currently reaching maximum values ​​in many countries, an end is hardly in sight.

The Displeasure about incessantly dealing with that Coronavirus* grows in many people. Professor Josef Settele is biologist at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Halle. He believes that things can get much worse in the future.

“The next pandemic will come. And if we’re unlucky, she will even more serious and deadly than the COVID-19 wave * his “, he writes So are we complaining at a high level right now?

Coronavirus: Biologist sees fatal environmental interaction – further pandemics possible

If you believe Settele, this is the case. The scientist fears the human have the nature too much expected. The result is a “triple crisis”.

“It is a fatal interaction Climate change, Species extinction and Zoonoses, also Infectious diseasesthat of Tier can be transmitted to humans (and vice versa) and trigger pandemics, ”Settele explains his thesis. These zoonoses are the origin of “often fatal diseases”. Also includes COVID-19 as well as malaria, AIDS or Ebola, for example.

The Corona lockdown is currently slowing down many people’s everyday lives. Nature benefits greatly from this, as researchers recently found out.

Video: Habitat destruction increases risk of animal pathogens

Coronavirus: devastating interaction fuels viral diseases

According to the findings of the biologist Settele, climate change, extinction of species and zoonoses have one another devastating interaction. And human-caused damage the animals and the environment do the rest. “The more man penetrates into previously untouched nature and cannibalizes it, the more Viral diseases jump over on him, ”says Settele.

Animals lose theirs habitat, they relocate. They often flee in smaller territories. And live there more densely than before. This increases the risk of the transmission of pathogens.

This means that humans must also expect an infection. The adaptability of viruses increases the risk of infection from animals to humans.

Coronavirus: biologist warns – rise in temperature brings diseases

One reason for this are warmer temperatures. “Climate change enables that to happen Mosquitoes, hornets and ticks settle in regions where they would not have survived the winter so far, “says Settele. “Be like that too Diseases brought in. “

The Researcher appeals urgently to the world population, their Dealing with nature to reconsider. Otherwise, people face further pandemics. “We can’t go on as before,” says Settele. “We people dig us a pitthat we ourselves threaten to fall into. ” (kh)

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