Coronavirus: locations for pedagogue tests fixed


DISTRICT OF GMUNDEN. On the coming weekend from December 5th to 6th, the voluntary antigen tests of the teachers of the Upper Austrian schools as well as child education and care facilities as well as the employees of the respective locations will take place. The armed forces, which has the lead in this test operation, visited and checked the suitability of the locations registered by the district administrative authorities last weekend.

In the coming days, the teachers and employees at the respective locations will receive a link to a digital appointment booking platform. On this platform you will be able to book a test appointment at the location of your residential district. As a result, the processing and waiting times on site can be kept as short as possible and mass accumulations can be avoided.

At the test location itself, the personal data is then checked using a valid photo ID and the social security number. This data is linked on site with the unique number of a test kit to ensure that test results cannot be confused. After the sample has been taken, information about the test result is promptly provided via a link that is sent by SMS or email.

“The last months of the COVID-19 crisis have shown how society and the economy depend on a functioning education system, supported by committed, but also ‘COVID-19-aware’ educators. It is therefore only logical and right for me that mass testing should begin in the education sector. This testing is to be understood as an offer. So please everyone, set a good example for the students and the population. The armed forces are trying to set up and implement the organization to the best of their ability, ”said Upper Austria’s military commander Dieter Muhr.

Test locations in Gmunden and Bad Ischl

The provisional locations for the antigen test acceptance are in the Gmunden district, the Toscana Congress Center in the Traunseestadt and the Congress and Theater House in Bad Ischl.

“My thanks go to the Upper Austrian Armed Forces, which are responsible for carrying out the antigen tests in schools and child education and care facilities, as well as the Upper Austrian Red Cross, the district administrative authorities and the communities concerned for their support. This creates a good basis for the safest possible return to face-to-face teaching in schools. I therefore invite the teachers and the elementary education teachers to take advantage of this offer. This brings everyone a real-time certainty about their state of health, shortly before the planned reopening of the schools and educational and care facilities. We can only interrupt chains of infection and prevent further spreading if as many people as possible take advantage of this offer, ”emphasizes LH Deputy Education and Health Officer Christine Haberlander.

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