Coronavirus: Study shows in which German region most vaccine opponents live


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Study shows in which German region most of the vaccine opponents live

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This is what Germany’s vaccination strategy looks like

Even if no corona vaccine has yet been approved in Germany, planning for vaccination centers is ongoing across Germany. However, these might not be the only place where the serum is given.

Vaccinations against the coronavirus could start in Germany this year. However, vaccination acceptance is not the same everywhere in the country. Even in a European comparison, the Germans are behind.

IAccording to a study by Hamburg University, willingness to vaccinate against the coronavirus varies considerably within Germany. While 63 percent would be vaccinated in the northern federal states, it is only 52 percent in the eastern federal states, according to a representative survey published on Tuesday by the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE) in November. In the western federal states 57 percent want to be vaccinated and in the southern 55 percent. In the north, 15 percent reject a vaccination, in the east it is 23 percent. The south with 18 percent and the west with 20 percent are in between.

In a European comparison, Germans’ willingness to vaccinate is low. 57 percent would be willing to be vaccinated. In Denmark the values ​​are much higher at 71 percent and in Great Britain at 69 percent. Only in France is the willingness to vaccinate at 46 percent lower.

The most common reason for vaccination is the desire to protect yourself (18 percent) and family members (16 percent) from infection. Only in third place is the hope of getting rid of the current corona restrictions with a vaccination (13 percent). Those who are against vaccination are usually concerned about possible side effects.

For the fourth time, the University of Hamburg, together with partner universities, surveyed more than 7000 people in Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Great Britain about attitudes, concerns and willingness to vaccinate in the corona pandemic.

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Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) and Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had recently raised hopes for the first corona vaccinations in Germany this year. Spahn referred in the newspapers of the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland” on Monday to the approval for a vaccine in Europe, which is expected this year. “And then we can start with the vaccinations immediately.” Scholz told the “Bild” that “the preparations were made so that it could start in December”.

Spahn referred to the establishment of the vaccination centers in the federal states, which should be ready for use from mid-December. This seems to be working. He would rather have a vaccination center that is ready to start and that will be out of order for a few days than an approved vaccine that is not used immediately, said Spahn. Scholz said in the “Bild” talk “The right questions”, it would “go as quickly as it can”.

The Federal Ministry of Health pointed out that, according to the contracts that have already been concluded, Germany has 300 million vaccine doses available. This relates to contracts with six companies. How the vaccines are to be used in which order also depends on which are approved first and for which age group they are suitable.

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