Coronavirus Vaccine Myths: What’s About the Conspiracy Theories?


The first corona vaccines are about to be approved. But there are skeptics who do not want to be vaccinated. What’s wrong with the vaccine myths?

Dortmund – not much longer and the first Vaccines against the coronavirus are in the I authorized. Then the first can too Vaccinations administered – the first vaccination centers are already being planned. According to various surveys, the majority of Germans are willing to oppose the Coronavirus get vaccinated. But some people want to refuse, they sometimes argue with reasons that seem strange. So what’s up with the Vaccination Myths?

Infectious disease Covid-19
Pathogen Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Symptoms Cough, fever, loss of smell and taste

Conspiracy theories about the corona vaccination on social networks

Especially in social networks like Facebook spread Fake News and conspiracy theories extremely fast. Anyone who carefully reads the comment columns here could quickly become worried when it comes to the subject Corona vaccination goes.

Then it quickly means: The vaccine would that heritage of the human being who vaccine was developed far too quickly, something must be wrong. Conspiracy theoristwho are already one level ahead think that the syringe would give people a Microchip to be planted. But let’s start with the milder theories Corona vaccination an.

Corona vaccination: which side effects are really to be expected

Thesis No. 1: “The side effects of a vaccination cannot be foreseen” – Yes and no. Just like with already established ones Vaccines can it with Corona vaccine also to Side effects come. The vaccine candidates from the manufacturers Biontech / Pfizer, Moderna and Astra Zeneca have so far shown only harmless Side effects.

According to the manufacturer, this would happen relatively often Side effects with light flu-like symptoms demonstrate. Pain in the limbs and exhaustion would be part of it, but would also quickly subside. Such Symptoms are already from others Vaccinations known and do not provide any danger but.

Corona vaccine: There are initial experiences with the gene vaccine

Even with the newly installed one mRNA vaccine give it loud Pharmaceutical Newspaper no need to worry. Because contrary to the general opinion, there is already human medical experience with Gene vaccines. Experience has therefore been gained in clinical trials with a therapeutic Tumorimpfstoff collected. Even in extensive animal experiments, there was no evidence of severe Side effects.

But: It can’t yet Autoimmune interaction be predicted. This would actually require clinical studies over a very long period of time. But these are extremely rare Side effects. In which vaccinewho against the Swine flu was used, a fraction of the people vaccinated developed a species Sleeping sickness.

The risk of a severe course of Covid-19 is higher than the risk of severe side effects

As Deutschlandfunk reported it came to around 60 million worldwide Vaccinations to 1300 cases in which a Narcolepsy occured. That’s 0.002 percent of people vaccinated. With such a low value this would be side effect probably not noticed even if 100,000 people had been tested beforehand.

In general, the following must be weighed: Mediciners say that risk a serious one Covid-19 course and consequent permanent organ damage is higher than that risk heavier Side effects one vaccination (all news about the coronavirus in NRW at

Corona vaccine: why the vaccine was developed so quickly

Thesis no. 2: “It cannot be developed so quickly, it is uncertain” – The development of the vaccines against the coronavirus was fast, that’s true. However, this does not mean that the substances were unsafe or insufficiently tested due to this fact. The federal government assures that the standards for the approval of the vaccines have not been lowered.

So why did it go so fast? The Federal government writes: “The acceleration of the Vaccine development can be explained, on the one hand, by the fact that a lot of money is invested in them, so that studies can be carried out on a large scale without delay. ” Corona vaccines checked asap. So it’s a matter of priorities.

In Europe the approval process for the Vaccines from Moderna, Biontech / Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. All standards become one Drug approval adhered to. Scientists from all member states of the European Economic Area examine the quality, effectiveness and harmlessness of the new Vaccine.

Can the corona vaccine affect the human genome?

Thesis No. 3: “The active ingredient changes our genetic make-up” – Equals two Manufacturer use a new technology in developing one Corona vaccine. Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA vaccines. This is not the usual one viral antigen vaccinated, but the instructions for how the Pharmaceutical Newspaper explained.

In the vaccination the cell takes the Bone RNA (mRNA) and builds in with it virales Protein, then a reaction of the Immune system one who is from contracting the Coronavirus protects. Since the principle was not previously used in a classic vaccination, there are doubts about vaccination opponents, as reported by *.

Corona vaccination cannot affect the human genome

The fear of a mRNA vaccine can do that heritage change, spreads in some Facebook comment columns and Telegram groups. But the all-clear: the Corona vaccine can the heritage not affect.

The RNA does not get into the human Cell nucleus (where the genetic material of the body cells is). This is separated from the cell by a membrane. The RNA from the Corona vaccine cannot penetrate the membrane.

Corona vaccine cannot affect cells

Also: the human body can do one RNA not in a DNA convert like Deutschlandfunk reported. The RNA too different from that DNA, it has a different chemical structure. Several Researcher say that it is not possible to have one RNA into the human heritage built in.

Also good to know: Researcher keep it loud Deutschlandfunk for excluded that one mRNA can affect other cells at all. Accordingly, this does not happen with the body’s own RNA, which is constantly being produced. The injected RNA molecules are quite unstable and break down quickly.

Corona vaccination cannot (for the time being) replace measures

Thesis No. 4: “If the vaccine is there, the pandemic is over” – It would be too good to be true: Die vaccination is there and all measures can be lifted. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy and that pandemic will be with us for a while.

In an interview with t-online stressed Virology Prof. Dr. Alexander S. Kekulé, that the pandemic is not over when a vaccine there is. Because while people are still being vaccinated, they have to Protective measures be held upright.

Until then, finally Herdenimmunität takes months can pass. Loud Kekulé can do that into the Summer 2021 last. The expert warns: “That we have one vaccine there is no reason to loosen up now. ”The end is in sight, right now we have to pull ourselves together again and get down to the activities hold.

Corona vaccination – thesis no. 5: “There will be compulsory vaccination”

Thesis no. 5: “There will be compulsory vaccination” – Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) promises: “It won’t Compulsory vaccination Give. ”Members of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO), the German Ethics Council and the National Academy of Scientific Leopoldina have also commented on the topic.

In a position paper it says: “Vaccinations principally require an informed, voluntary consent. An undifferentiated, general one Compulsory vaccination is therefore ruled out. ”One Compulsory vaccination is currently not emerging.

Compulsory vaccination through the back door would be possible

But even if politics is one Compulsory vaccination refuses, it could become one Compulsory vaccination come through the back door. The Australian airline Qantas Airways has already announced that it will only transport vaccinated people. Lufthansa is still rejecting such plans.

According to information from N-TV there should already be the first tour operators that Vaccination grants want to pay. Restaurants, hotels or fitness studios could also decide to have one Vaccination certificate to promote. The Domiciliary right make it possible.

Video: First airline announces compulsory corona vaccination for air travelers

Corona vaccine and the microchip conspiracy theory

Thesis No. 6: “With the vaccination a chip is implanted in us” – It is probably one of the most famous conspiracy theories around Vaccinations and around that Coronavirus: With the Vaccination dose would give the patient a Chip planted. To be clear, there is no evidence to support this claim.

It will be loud ZDF researched how Vaccinations and digitization can be linked, but there is no talk of Microchipswho are implanted in people without their knowledge. All that is being researched is a warning system that notifies you when the Vaccination protection expires. Again: nobody is implanted with a chip without their knowledge. * is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

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