Covid-19 not only brings health risks to travel


The risks for employees on business trips were higher this year than they have been in five years – and are expected to increase further in the coming year. This is forecast by the Geneva-based security and medical service provider International SOS (Isos). The reason for this is not only the corona pandemic itself. Rather, these are the socio-political consequences of the virus crisis.

“What comes afterwards will develop into an even bigger crisis than Covid-19 itself,” said Stefan E├čer, Medical Director Central Europe at Isos, according to “” when presenting the risk outlook for 2021. “In many countries social unrest and increasing crime are to be feared, which arise due to unemployment and poverty. ” This also threatened to increase the dangers on business trips.

This has consequences even in corporate travel management. According to the portal, Esser reported on companies that sent their employees to absolute risk areas in normal times, but now hesitated for fear of Corona. This is grotesque, since the risk of being injured or even killed by an accident or an attack is still much higher in such areas than of getting sick or dying from Corona.

With a view to 2021, for example, the malaria and yellow fever risks in Africa and the risk of dying in a traffic accident in India or Nigeria remain the greatest. In addition, the terrorist attacks this year had shown that the danger of Islamist extremism remains real worldwide. In the survey of 1,400 risk analysts in 95 countries, however, these topics took a back seat in favor of Covid-19.

The pandemic will lead companies to work harder on their duties of care. “Just as September 11, 2001 changed employers’ view of security issues, the pandemic will permanently change the way employers view the health hazards for the workforce,” said Martin Bauer, Regional Security Manager at Isos. (TI)

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