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The Berlin-based asset manager, who specializes in real estate, founded the company neworld and wants to use it to build a portfolio worth billions, primarily in Germany.

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CR Investment Management founded the investment company neworld. The aim of the company, which specializes in institutional investors, is, as CR informed in a press release, to build a portfolio of managed buildings (managed properties) along the entire real estate use chain: from serviced apartments, co-living, education, office-as-a- Service, Healthcare and Elderly Living to Urban Farming. neworld provides companies that develop future-oriented real estate concepts with growth capital and real estate expertise.

The neworld portfolio currently includes three holdings in the areas of Serviced Apartments (Stayery), Co-Living (The Base) and childcare (KinderHut – Joint Venture). The aim is to build up a portfolio of at least ten investments and corresponding properties worth more than two billion euros over the next three years.

The company is managed by Alexander Lackner and Philipp Jurisch, who most recently worked in the area of ​​innovative operator concepts and investments. In addition to CR, both act as neworld shareholders. The CR directors Torsten Hollstein and Claudius Meyer form the Advisory Board.

Use of megatrends
The investments focus on urban growth regions in Germany as well as European metropolises, which are individually determined depending on the concept and demand. For example, while co-living spaces are in high demand, especially in central and well-connected city locations within Germany’s top 7 locations, there are also no day-care centers in outlying areas and smaller communities. Serviced apartments, on the other hand, target well-connected city locations within strong economic areas, of which at least 35 have been identified in Germany.

Alexander Lackner, Managing Partner of neworld, comments: “Social and economic life is increasingly shaped by megatrends such as demographic change, digitization, increasing individualization, urbanization and the flexibilization of the working world. In our opinion, the real estate industry has to react to this and create quarters that provide answers to the usage behavior of the future, not the past. ”

Philipp Jurisch, Managing Partner of neworld, adds: “Real estate is only sustainable if it meets the current and future requirements of those who live in and use it. neworld therefore invests in operators who reflect the current megatrends with their innovative concepts and think ahead. Our goal is to transform megatrends into sustainable urban spaces. ” (aa)

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