“Curry-Paule”: Corona relief campaign: Berliner Imbiss distributes currywurst


BerlinIn Corona times, many people are financially bad: They were sent on short-time work or have lost their jobs due to the lockdown measures. For those affected, the “Curry-Paule” snack bar at Rudower Stubenrauchstrasse 103 now offers a little encouragement. If you are short of cash, you can get a currywurst for free. Customers who can afford it pay the bill.

The principle is as simple as it is imaginative: financially strong snack-goers order and pay for a currywurst more than they eat at the counter. They receive a slip of paper as a receipt for their donation, which they staple on a board next to the food truck. Conversely, anyone who has no money for a meal can remove a slip of paper and exchange it at the counter for a currywurst with a roll.

“Anyone who takes a piece of paper doesn’t have to worry about being questioned at the bar or having to come out,” emphasizes Andreas Kämpf, alias “Curry-Paule”, in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung. Kämpf has published a photo on his website that shows him at the side of Neukölln’s district mayor Martin Hikel (SPD). The politician welcomes the action and expressly praises the “solidarity” that is being upheld here by a Berlin entrepreneur.

Photo: Eric Richard

“Curry-Paule” shows how donation slips are stapled on the designated board.

Snack operator Kämpf has also come up with a name for his campaign. It’s called: #einemore. He is now calling on other restaurateurs to follow his example. This could be, for example, kebab shops or coffee shops that offer take-away food and are still allowed to open during times of partial lockdown.

The “take one, pay two” principle has been around for a long time in the US. Customers of coffee houses and restaurants bear the cost of an additional coffee, which is then passed on to the homeless, for example.

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