Cyber Monday: Spare 20% auf die Apple Watch Series 5


Design: We have received a test model in warm gray and blue tones – sporty, chic and elegant. A real eye-catcher and not only suitable for workouts, but also suitable for every everyday situation.

Wearing comfort: The Apple Watch hugs the wrist well. It leaves no pressure marks and feels comfortable. Practical: two different bracelets in sizes “L / M” and “M / S” are included.

Processing: The case of our test model is made of aluminum. If you prefer a different material, you have the choice: The Apple Watch is also available in titanium and ceramic. As usual with Apple products, the workmanship is high quality and convincing.

Facility: First of all: it doesn’t work without an iPhone. Apple Watch Series 5 is only compatible with Apple devices. Owners of an Android mobile phone look down the tube and cannot use the watch – a major disadvantage. The configuration of the Series 5 itself is simple and uncomplicated: an app is preinstalled on the iPhone that guides you through the installation with ease. With a short display scan of the QR code on the watch, the devices are paired in a flash.

Service: Instinctive, intuitive and individual – we think these three attributes are best. Particularly strong: The start screen can be customized to suit the wearer’s personal wishes. Depending on the design, there is a wide range of brief information to be selected on the front display: alarm clock, weather, cycle log, stopwatch, telephone, Spotify and even the course of the moon. In the main menu you can choose either a list or a grid display.

Functions: The Apple Watch is not a classic fitness tracker, but rather a smartphone in mini format. The Cellular models allow you to make calls, check emails and send WhatsApp messages – even when the smartphone is not nearby. You can even use the smartwatch to download photos from your iPhone, stream music, and visit the App Store.

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