Czech start-up launches online supermarket


A large Czech online grocery delivery company is competing with the Billa and Interspar internet shops and is launching the online supermarket on December 3rd. The company of the company’s founder, Tomáš Čupr, is already operating under different names in Prague and Budapest and wants to get started in Munich as well as Vienna. In the Czech Republic, the company recently had a turnover of 300 million euros with its concept, in Hungary it was 30 million euros.

In Austria, the company will employ 105 people and deliver with its own fleet, according to the APA. The investment is 6 million euros. GmbH has rented almost 6,000 square meters in the newly built Tech Park Vienna in Vienna Liesing, of which around 1,000 m2 are for offices and almost 5,000 m2 of storage space with five temperature zones, according to a broadcast on Monday. In addition to regional food and fresh produce, the range of 7,500 products will also include cosmetics and household items. especially wants to offer food from small regional producers. For the time being, customers in Vienna and the surrounding area will be supplied; delivery should take place within three hours of ordering.

From IT to the ordering system to logistics, will do everything itself, said a press spokeswoman for the APA. “In one year we want to be the market leader, in three years in the black.”

Even established retail groups are currently grappling their teeth when it comes to the delivery of food, the business model does not yield anything financially, although orders are increasing enormously due to the corona crisis. “We’d like to try that. Good quality delivered quickly, ”said the spokeswoman.

With the name Gurkerl they wanted to take a common Austrian name from the food sector. In the Czech Republic the company is called, in Hungary Both names are translated as Kipferl. The main customer group are urban middle-class households with children, said Čupr in an interview with the start-up industry magazine “Der Brutkasten” in September. In Germany, it will initially start under the name in Munich.

Start-up capital for the Czech gherkin counterpart Rohlik came from the sale of the restaurant delivery platform DameJidlo. He had made this the market leader in the Czech Republic so that he could sell it to Delivery Hero, reported the “Handelsblatt”. He also received money from the Czech Miton and Enern funds.

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