Daily newspaper for Empuriabrava / Roses / Costa Brava: Thermomix copy at LIDL triggered a rush of customers in the province of Girona


PROVINCE OF GIRONA / CATALONIA / SPAIN: What such a small kitchen robot can achieve: Just in time for Black Friday, LIDL offered one of these quite new kitchen helpers, which supposedly make cooking much easier and are, so to speak, an all-in-one device. The German company Vorwerk has triggered a boom with its Thermomix product – but a very expensive one. Such a device costs more than 1,000 euros (which, according to friends and acquaintances, is actually supposed to be great), but in the current Corona situation, at least in Catalonia, that is simply too much money. LIDL had a replacement Thermomix (can we actually write that?) On offer, which cost just over 350 euros and was deceptively similar to the original. The name: “Monsieur Cuisine” and this will also be from today, November 30th offered in the German LIDL stores.

In the LIDL branches in Catalonia there were sometimes endless queues in front of the front door at the weekend and everyone wanted one of these devices. Of course the machine was sold out very quickly and apparently there is no replenishment for the time being and there is a good reason. Vorwerk has sued the supermarket chain with a lawsuit before the Commercial Court of Barcelona for alleged plagiarism and patent infringement of its well-known kitchen appliance. The judiciary will decide whether Monsieur Cuisine is a copy of the Thermomix.

However, if you look at the queues from the weekend, it seems clear that many residents of the province of Girona have already made a clear judgment: They want a food processor called Monsieur Cuisine and maybe LIDL still has a few of these machines in their warehouses .
Monday, November 30, 2020 11/30/20 9:22 PM

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