Daniela Katzenberger shares a private Advent photo – fan confused: “Don’t make such a riot”


Daniela Katzenberger repeatedly gives insights into her family life on her social media channels

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Cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger is known for not taking herself so seriously. On Instagram, she allowed herself a little joke.

Mallorca / Spain – Resided just a few days ago Daniela Katzenbeger still with the whole family in Cologne under one roof. The reason for her stay of several weeks was her participation in “The Masked Singer”, which of course nobody was allowed to know about. Back on the home island of Mallorca, Daniela of course has a lot of household chores to make up for, and as always she lets her fans participate.

After her “The Masked Singer” participation: Daniela Katzenberger sinks into mountains of laundry

“Greetings from my laundry hell,” Daniela Katzenberger sends her almost two million followers from her laundry room. Just in time for the 1st Advent, the cat is open again something weird come up to make their fans smile. Equipped with a Nicholas hat and a decorated mountain of laundry that comes with sparkling Christmas decorations is littered, she wishes everyone else “Washing women” a wonderful 1st Advent.

“And in about … 200 years I’ll be finished”, she writes in addition to the huge pile of laundry that piles up almost to the ceiling. But where does this enormous mountain of stuff come from? This is probably due to the fact that Daniela joined during her secret “The Masked Singer” participation Mama Iris Klein in Germany lived far away from her adopted home Mallorca. It feels like two tons of laundry can pile up when you’re out and about with the whole family. A few of her followers can match this one “Joke” but not convincing.

For her network joke: Daniela Katzenberger is sharply criticized by her fans

„Mach not such a riot because of your laundry. The machine does that, then the dryer. Is that work? I’ve been doing it all my life. No problem, “commented an angry follower on Daniela’s photo. But with that she remains almost the only follower who is a little indignant about the cat’s Instagram post. Most of them are happy about the funny idea and feel with the 34-year-old: “You’re not alone, have a nice Advent time.” (mrf)

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