Daniela Katzenberger’s husband catches mother-in-law Iris in a spicy situation and “needs an eye wash”


TV star Daniela Katzenberger is rarely a little uncomfortable.

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As some fans have probably already noticed, Daniela Katzenberger has no problem sharing her privacy. Now she is showing her fans something that could definitely trigger head cinema.

Mallorca / Spain – If someone has no problem with it, his unusual experiences present publicly, then it is Daniela Katzenbeger. The cult blodine lets her nearly two million followers participate noticeably close to her private life. A curious story of the 34-year-olds is likely to have burned itself firmly in the minds of some fans.

Daniela Katzenberger moved in with her mom Iris for her “The Masked Singer” participation

Many fans had already suspected it, last week the big secret about the “The Masked Singer” meerkats was finally revealed: Among the lovingly made Meerkat costumes Daniela Katzenberger went into hiding with her husband Lucas Cordalis. Nevertheless, the joy was huge on both sides. Emigrant Daniela was totally flabbergasted that she even made it to the finals.

“Wow, a week-long journey is coming to an end. What a great time it was, ”wrote on Instagram afterwards. A time that she will definitely not forget anytime soon. What the whole family will certainly remember is that temporary change of residence to Cologne.

Cult blonde Daniela Katzenberger shares private insights – that’s how it went with the whole family under one roof

For the aforementioned change of residence, the whole family went from their adopted home Mallorca over to Germany. During the filming of “The Masked Singer” everyone lived together Cat mom Iris Klein and theirs Man peter under a roof. It can happen that you get in each other’s way from time to time.

Somebody needs a break first: Mama Iris is of the opinion that her son-in-law needs an “eye wash”.

© Screenshot / Instagram / danielakatzenberger

Lucas Cordalis was probably not spared that either, as the cat relentlessly announced on Instagram. When she asked Mama Iris when they would finally see each other again, she replied very dryly: “I need one first Dolphins Therapy and your husband an eyewashbecause he’s his Mother-in-law in the bathtub has seen. ”Seems as if the time together was pretty turbulent. (mrf)

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