Das Supertalent (RTL): Juror Bruce Darnell humiliates dog owners in front of the cameras


Bruce Darnell usually lets his emotions run free on “Das Supertalent”. It seems all the more surprising that dog Ayden does not at all convince him at first. He doesn’t want to give him the chance in the first place.

Bremen – A cute dog always scores with Das Supertalent. Ironically, Bruce Darnell (63), who otherwise lets himself be carried away by all the emotions of the show, reacts strictly disparagingly to the animal act in episode six. Even before the dog. Ayden (4) can prove he takes away all hope of the dog owner.

The super talent: Bruce Darnell doesn’t want to give dog owners a chance

A dog has already won the RTL casting show four times. (Here all winners at a glance) Obviously, the four-legged friends are well received by the jury and the audience. But Bruce is fed up with the cute little animals. He cannot and does not want to see any more dogs. “I have a dog ban, I won’t let dogs through!” says the choreographer before Melanie Felix (35) from Mollhagen can prove himself with Border Collye Ayden.

The super talent: Bruce Darnell doesn’t want to give dog owners a chance


The 35-year-old reacted by surprise. Apparently she would not have imagined this reaction. Despite the saying, she cannot be deprived of hope. “You have to think about it again.” And indeed – the young woman amazes with her “dog dance” – even with Bruce.

The super talent: dog Ayden surprised – is it enough for the jury?

“Oh My God!” Shouts the ex-GNTM juror. “I have to say, it was unfortunately good.” But what do the other jurors say (here all at a glance)

Comedian Chris Tall (29), who at the beginning also reacted annoyed to the dog act like Bruce, is less convinced of Ayden’s idea. For him the dog wasn’t much better than the previous animal winners, but at least it wasn’t much worse either. And what does chief juror Dieter Bohlen (66) say? The pop titan agrees with Chris and even goes one better. The performance was worse for him than other animal acts. But still – since the candidate is only doing this “somehow better”.

Whether there is still a happy ending for Ayden, or whether he has to go home immediately with his mistress Melanie, will be announced on November 27 at 8:15 pm on RTL.

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