David Prowse: That’s why Darth Vader only got rich after “Star Wars” – folks


He was the galaxy’s biggest villain – but almost nobody without his mask …

David Prowse († 85) is dead. Don’t you know? BUT! The Brit played “Star Wars” legend Darth Vader and lent his body to the dark lord of the empire for a few thousand British pounds in the films of the original trilogy (1977 to 1983).

The fans never saw his face under the iconic headgear (mixture of Wehrmacht helmet and samurai mask) in the cinema! Because for that brief moment in “The Return of the Jedi” (1983) “Star Wars” inventor George Lucas (76) hired extra actor Sebastian Shaw († 89) …

But Prowse also made the role rich: However, only after his appearances had long since ceased to flicker on the cinema screens. The former bodybuilder (1.98 meters) earned more than five million euros as a star guest at fan meetings! A lucrative job with a guarantee of high income.

Prowse attended so-called fan conventions around the world, often only sat at a small table, was paid for by the organizers and for photos with fans in exchange for a share in the entrance fee. They were happy to do it so that they could be close to dark idols of the empire, or to get an autograph from him.
Prowse told BILD at such an event: “People sign bills and lose money with their signature. I get paid for every autograph. What should I complain about? “

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