DB timetable change, Hartz IV and new laws: radical changes are due in December – everything at a glance


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As of December 1st, numerous changes and innovations will come into force across Germany. For example, for train drivers, apartment owners and Hartz IV recipients.

  • From December some changes and innovations apply in the federal territory.
  • Affected are among other things Passengers of the Deutsche Bahn, Hartz IV recipient and the Real estate industry.
  • A Overview You can read about the innovations with us.

Munich – With the last month of 2020 Numerous changes in rules and laws apply as well Innovations or extensions in some areas. The partial lockdown introduced due to the corona pandemic is also affected by changes. Who on what from December 1st must pay attention to read with us.

Changes from December 2020: Federal government extends partial lockdown to the winter month

The one announced by the federal and state governments in October Partial lockdown, which will apply throughout Germany from November 2nd extended. The measures to contain the corona virus have been tightened in some cases. According to the speech by the federal government on Wednesday, November 25, the partial lockdown applies to the whole December – possible exceptions exist Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder will deliver a government statement in front of the state parliament on Friday, November 27th.

Changes from December 2020: Deutsche Bahn timetable change – “half-hourly” possible

In travel, the German train in the middle of the month, from December 13th new timetable. The so-called winter timetable then applies until June 2021. Certain Tickets can already be purchased now, writes the company on its homepage. The changes look like this: Through more Trains in use there is a Half-hourly between Hamburg and Berlin. For the first time there is a new long-distance traffic stop, as a test, at Ringsheim / Europa-Park. In addition, Deutsche Bahn promises to improve services on the connections Bonn and Berlin, Munich and Zürich as Berlin and Krakow. However, you also have to demand reacts and some train connections painted. Loud focus.de will the Prices in long-distance traffic by an average of one percent climb.

Changes from December 2020: Rebooking fees for flights continue to be largely waived

Some Airlines continue to waive the Rebooking fee in December and January. At Ryanair this continues to apply to flights booked from June 10, 2020 focus.de. However, passengers would have to make changes no later than seven days departure announce. And also Lufthansa with its subsidiary airlines Austrian, Swiss and Brussels Airlines waives the rebooking fees in December. “All of our tariffs and tickets can be rebooked, for short, medium and long-haul routes, for existing as well as for new bookings,” reports Lufthansa at the website.

Changes from December 2020: higher benefits for Hartz IV recipients in 2021

Hartz IV recipient receive higher control power in Year 2021. But watch out: these will be transferred in December 2020, reports focus.de. The Services increase as follows: The ALG II basic standard rate (single household) is increased by 14 euros to 446 euros. Young people in a community of needs receive 45 euros more (373 euros). Children up to the age of five get 33 euros more from the new year and thus monthly 283 euros. Furthermore should Couples or spouses will receive 401 from 2021. Young adults (up to 25 years of age) who are still with the parents live, receive a plus of 12 euros. The benefits for children between 6 and 13 years of age increase less – by one euro per month.

Changes from December 2020: More transparency when buying real estate

Also in the Real estate industry there are numerous Changes from December 1, 2020. This applies to both homeowners and Homeowner and interested parties. For one thing, the changes Real estate purchase paying the Brokerage commission.

So far they have Buyers 100 percent of the real estate agent’s commission paid for a property. That will change from December 23, 2020. “The costs to be paid by the buyer should only a maximum of 50 percent of the total brokerage fee, ”reports the federal government online. In addition, the buyer should have a Property in future only be obliged to pay his share of the Provision to pay when the Seller has already done this. The nationwide regulation according to the federal government, the property purchase more legally secure and transparent do.

Changes from December 2020: New law for apartment owners – the old law dates from 1951

At Apartments it says from December 1, 2020: The revised Apartment Modernization Act (WEMoG) comes into force. “The Condominium Act comes from the Year 1951. With the […] The draft law passed by the cabinet should be adapted to the needs of the 21st century, “said the Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, Christine Lambrecht. Structural measures, for example for energetic renovation, should be simplified. According to the federal government, apartment owners and tenants receive one Legal claim on the installation of a charging device for an electric vehicle. On top of that, “every apartment owner can have one Fiber optic connection with high capacity. “

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