Dead in floods in Sardinia


DoneSevere storms with floods on the Italian island of Sardinia caused severe damage and claimed human lives over the weekend. According to the Interior Ministry, three people died in the floods in the municipality of Bitti in the northeast of the island. A 90-year-old was found dead from a house covered with mud, the fire brigade announced on Saturday.

Videos circulating on the internet showed masses of water rushing through narrow streets. Cars were stuck deep in the mud, and some rescue workers were standing almost knee-deep in the water. According to its own information, the fire brigade moved out to Sardinia and the also affected island of Sicily from Saturday to Sunday noon for far more than 200 missions. In addition, according to the information, a bridge at Bitti collapsed on Saturday – without injuries.

Photo: dpa / Alessandro Tocco / LaPresse via ZUMA Press

Nuoro: A damaged vehicle is parked on a flooded street.

“I am close to the families of the victims and express my solidarity with the communities in the Nuoro region that have been badly hit by the floods,” said Italian Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese on Sunday.

The civil protection authorities had warned of the storms not to be anywhere, if possible, as the water level could change very quickly. The red weather warning level was issued for the popular holiday island of Sardinia. The island of Sicily and the regions of Calabria on the tip of the Italian boot as well as Basilicata were also hit by storms.

On the previous weekend, heavy rainfall had flooded places in the south and flooded country roads. The flood situation in the area around the town of Crotone in Calabria was particularly dramatic. There helpers with rubber dinghies and amphibious vehicles were used to free people trapped in cars and houses from the water. The fire brigade spoke of 200 rescue operations. There were no injuries.

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