Deal check: Vacuum cleaners on Black Friday: The best bargains


Vacuum cleaners of all types also do well on Black Friday. But not every offer is a real bargain. We introduce the best vacuum cleaner deals on Black Friday.
On Black Friday, technology and electronic products are particularly cheap, because the dealers give a good percentage on this high-turnover day. Vacuum cleaners can also be found again and again among the best-selling products of the bargain day. We’ve picked out the best deals for vacuum cleaners on Black Friday.

Classic dust cleaning on Black Friday

Even if there are now many high-tech alternatives, the conventional vacuum cleaner with cable is far from obsolete. The classics are particularly powerful, and because they are attached to the cable, they don’t get tired even after long periods of use. In addition, they are often significantly cheaper than wireless models even with good performance. Here are some of the best deals on classic vacuums on Black Friday.

AEG VX 6-2-IW-5 vacuum cleaner

A good vacuum cleaner makes life easier. The AEG VX6-2-IW-5 could be a good option. It currently costs 69.21 euros at Saturn – the lowest price on the market. The device is well received by Amazon customers. 177 buyers gave a total of 4.5 out of 5 stars and praised suction power and maneuverability. For some, however, the vacuum cleaner was too loud. The suction volume is 3.5 liters, the power 800 watts. The volume is 76 decibels, the weight 6.2 kilos.


New Project (14).jpg

AEG vacuum cleaner VX 6-2-IW-5

69,21 € 169,95 €

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Medion cyclone vacuum cleaner

Another cable model is the cyclone vacuum cleaner from Medion with 800 watts. The device costs 36.52 euros on Amazon, 25 percent below the RRP – this is currently the lowest price for the device. The cyclone vacuum cleaner works without a bag, its cable is five meters long. Customers are satisfied with the suction power of the inexpensive model, although some also note that the vacuum cleaner works quite loudly.


MEDION cyclone vacuum cleaner 800 watts of power, 2 liter dust container capacity, 5 m working radius, washable EPA filter E12, MD 19407, blue

Cordless vacuum cleaners on Black Friday: there are good deals here

Cordless vacuuming is much more fun, especially in nooks and crannies, than pulling a long string behind you. Most cordless vacuum cleaners do not have a bag to collect dirt, but rather washable filters. The devices, which are powerful despite battery operation, have become a real alternative to the classic vacuum cleaner for many customers.

Dyson V8 Total Clean

The Dyson V8 is an older generation cordless vacuum cleaner from the popular design brand. It is currently available from Dyson for 291.46 euros. named the handheld vacuum cleaner the price-performance winner, but it disappointed in the test with a battery life of only 30 minutes. But it has enough power for a small apartment, and it also impressed with its good suction power. The price is currently the best price, so this deal is clean.

Philips XC7042/0 SpeedPro Max

The Phlips SpeedPro Max vacuum cleaner is another cordless device in the Black Friday sale. The cordless vacuum cleaner is available from Amazon for 274.99 euros – this is the current best price and 24 percent below the RRP. The bagless vacuum cleaner has a 360 ° suction nozzle that is suitable for hard floors and carpets. In the chip test, the battery performance was particularly impressive; the SpeedPro Max lasted for over an hour before it had to be plugged in again. However, the testers were not 100 percent convinced of the suction power, and they also noted that the device is quite heavy.


Philips XC7042 / 01 SpeedPro Max cordless cordless vacuum cleaner 7000 Series, 360 ° suction nozzle, 65 min. Battery life, bagless, incl. Handheld vacuum cleaner, red

AEG cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaner CX7-2-45 WR

If you are looking for a cheaper device, you could turn to the AEG CX7-2-45 WR. The cordless vacuum cleaner is available on Ebay on Black Friday with the voucher code POWERFRIDAY20 for 159 euros. The CX7-2-45 WR can be used as a canister and handheld vacuum cleaner. In the test, however, the vacuum cleaner disappointed with its suction power; the maneuverability and low volume were positive. The chip testers rate it as a very good addition to a vacuum robot.

Rowenta cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaner RH9474 Air Force Flex 560

Otto is selling the Rowenta RH9474 Air Force Flex 560 cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaner at a low price on Black Friday. The cordless vacuum cleaner is on the shelf at the mail order company at the best price of 246.62 euros, 59 percent less than the RRP. With its bendable tube, this vacuum cleaner can also be used in hard-to-reach places. There are also many accessories and extras – however, the battery life and dust absorption were not completely convincing in the chip test.


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Rowenta cordless hand and stick vacuum cleaner RH9474

246,62 € 599,99 €

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Vacuum robots on Black Friday: automatically cheaper?

In theory, vacuum robots make vacuuming very easy: the machine does the dirty job. The machines in the apartment keep things clean more or less independently. However, the little helpers can also tear a pretty big hole in the household budget, because the prices for vacuum robots are sometimes hefty. We have picked out the top deals for vacuum robots on Black Friday that still save you money.

Vacuum robot Dream F9

There is currently a very good offer for a vacuum robot on Ebay for the Dreame F9 from Xiaomi. With the voucher code POWERFRIDAY20, the device is available for 149.99 euros. In the test of Caschy’s blog, the smart cleaning devil delivered good results. The independent navigation and suction power were particularly well received.

Vacuum robot iRobot Roomba 981

The classic vacuum robot is also on sale for Black Friday. The iRobot Roomba 981 currently costs 399.99 on Amazon – that’s 43 percent below the RRP. The robot navigates through the apartment with a camera pointing upwards and also detects particularly dirty areas, over which it then drives several times. The software is very extensive; settings such as the power level, times and location can be made. In the chip test, the robot impressed with its easy handling and low maintenance. The suction power is only average in its price range.


iRobot Roomba 981 vacuum robot with 3-stage cleaning system, room mapping, carpet turbo mode, two multi-floor brushes, WiFi robot vacuum cleaner for hard floors, carpets and animal hair, app control

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