Decision of the administrative court Stuttgart: schoolgirls have to wear a mask despite the certificate – Stuttgart


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Three schoolgirls wanted to be exempted from the mask requirement with identical certificates. But the Stuttgart Administrative Court does not accept that.

The court ruled that the pupils had to wear a mouth and nose cover despite the medical certificate. (Symbol photo)

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Stuttgart – Three schoolgirls who wanted to be exempted from the mask requirement at a high school with a medical certificate still have to put on the mouth and nose cover. The Stuttgart Administrative Court announced this on Monday. The alleged “impossibility or unreasonableness of wearing a mouth and nose cover” had not been made credible, the court justified the decision.

The pupils’ father had presented medical certificates, all of which were issued by the same neurologist. Because the high school students are undergoing neurological treatment, they cannot be expected to wear masks for health reasons, it says.

Administrative court rejects urgent application

The headmaster refused an exemption from the mask requirement because the certificates were not conclusive. On the other hand, the father went to court. The administrative court rejected the urgent application: From the verbatim certificates it was not clear which health impairments would be caused by wearing a mask in the schoolgirls and how it came about. It is also not clear on what medical basis the treating neurologist came to the assessment.

The presumption suggests that “that there actually should not have been any medical reasons for an unreasonableness that actually existed here,” because there was no concrete statement about the medical symptoms, the court explained. The decision of November 23 is not yet final.

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