Department store Austria has opened its doors


With the “Kaufhaus Österreich”, local retailers receive a new e-commerce platform: For digital regional shopping and to strengthen Austrian online retail.

AUSTRIA. Online trading is booming. With the help of an Austrian online marketplace, domestic entrepreneurs should be able to conveniently present and sell products in the future. Your online presence should be strengthened.

Digital Minister Margarete Schramböck presented on Monday together with WKÖ President Harlad Mahrer the free meta-platform “Kaufhaus Österreich”, which is to offer small Austrian retailers a free alternative to Amazon in the future. This is intended to promote regional products.

“I buy regionally, it also works digitally”, is the slogan of the new shopping platform, the campaign for this is to start on Wednesday so that the attention of consumers to “Kaufhaus Österreich” is as high as possible, according to Schramböck. In the next few months, specifically up to the first half of 2021, “several thousand” dealers should be found in the “Department Store Austria”, Mahrer wishes. Marketplaces such as shö or were also integrated into the department store, and their individual shops can now also be found on the platform.

Multiple product categories

You can choose between several product categories. In addition to books, paper and toys, food and food delivery, also sports and leisure items, or electrical electronics, photos and music.

The better the data, the better the appearance, says Schramböck: Upload photos and information to the platform, and after a short double-check whether the retailer really exists, they will be activated in the department store Austria. You can choose between the customer and the supplier side, emphasized Schramböck.

In addition to categories, you can also search for federal states and municipalities. If a consumer allows geolocation, you can also search using geolocation.

Know-how is also imparted

As a retailer, you can also use free educational videos to acquire the know-how to be successful in online trading. The goal of Kaufhaus Österreich is to find as many retailers as possible in its own area, and not to copy Amazon. During the presentation, Schramböck emphasized that the payment transaction takes place directly on the iHeaders’ site and not on the “Kaufhaus Österreich”.

This way to the department store Austria

Schramböck: Department store Austria instead of Amazon

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