Der kleine Lord (ARD): Huge scandal about actors – does the classic film fly out of the Christmas program?


“The Little Lord” is one of the Christmas film classics on ARD

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“The Little Lord” – a real film classic that shouldn’t be missing on TV on Christmas days. But a scandal surrounding the actor could pull the film out of the program.

  • Will “The Little Lord” be pulled out of the holiday program?
  • Actor scandal hit the headlines.
  • ARD takes a stand on the fact.

Frankfurt am Main – The Christmas program of the TV channels has been certain for several weeks. Viewers want to know when theirs Favorite Christmas Movies be broadcast to make yourself a cozy morning or evening in front of the television. A classic should not be missing in 2020 either: “The Little Lord”. The role of Cedric Errol made 1980 the nine year old Actor Ricky Schroder among the most successful and famous Child star. Now it could ARD Christmas program ensure a restructuring – the reason: scandal headlines around Ricky Schroder.

Ricky Schroder: Scandal about the actor through “Black Lives Matter”

The 50-year-old actor signed up for on his Twitter account Kyle Rittenhouse used. The 17-year-old man had in August 2020 on people of the “Black Lives Matter” –Proteste in Kenosha shot. Video recordings are said to prove that he killed two people at the demonstration. As reported by the online portal, he has to stand trial for two murders. But what does Ricky Schroder have to do with it?

The 50-year-old is from the innocence of the 17-year-old perpetrator convinced. According to his own statements, he contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to the bail, which related to two million. Fans and TV colleagues can not understand why Ricky says so. US singer and actress Bette Midler also reports on the incident and would like to share her opinion with the world: “Thank you to everyone who let a murderous child out again? This boy killed two people and seriously injured another. Why are you celebrating it? Ricky Schroder? Who would have thought that he could be so vicious? ”Said the 74-year-old.

“Der kleine Lord” ARD: Is the broadcaster pulling the Christmas film out of the program?

“I hope that the ARD shows attitude this year and does not show ‘Der kleine Lord’ anymore”, commented a user. But what does she say ARD to the scandal? Christoph Pellander, Editor-in-chief of ARD Degeto, responded to t-online with a statement: “Ricky Schroder, with his expressions of solidarity as Acted as a private individual. His behavior is in no way related to his role in ‘The Little Lord’ or to the film as such. ‘The Little Lord’ will go on as planned, in Christmas program broadcast the first“He confirms. TV viewers can breathe a sigh of relief – but the last word about the actor’s scandal has certainly not yet been said. The broadcast dates for “The Little Lord” are on the TV program for December 18th and 26th.

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