Despite pregnancy: Nico Schwanz and Julia are separated!


Nico Schwanz (42) and Julia Prokopy (25) are going separate ways with immediate effect! It was not until July of this year that the TV star and the beauty celebrated their love comeback after a short break from relationship – a few weeks ago the couple even surprised with a special piece of news: They are expecting a child. Since the announcement of the baby news, the mother-to-be has shown herself more and more often without her soon-to-be-dad by her side. Now the two confirmed what some fans had already suspected: Nico and Julia are seperated!

“Many of you have suspected it for a long time,” began Nico a few minutes ago the surprising statement in his Instagram-Story to shortly afterwards the love affair between him and Julia to announce. “We both think that if you try again, it just isn’t enough for a long-term relationship”the reality TV star explained. Exactly the same words can be found on the profile of the blonde.

There seems to be a war of roses between Julia and Nico but not to give. “We broke up on the good and our child now comes first”, revealed the 42-year-old. The former dream couple should therefore continue to be in close contact due to their upcoming offspring.

Nico Schwanz and Julia Prokopy at the Angermaier costume shoot

J├╝rgen Wunderlich photo design

Nico Schwanz with his girlfriend Julia Prokopy
Julia Prokopy and Nico Schwanz

Instagram / julia_prokopy

Julia Prokopy and Nico Schwanz

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