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“In the run-up to Christmas, we also expect a particularly high volume of parcels due to the current situation regarding the corona virus. Order and send your Christmas gifts early and well packaged. ”For example, DHL is currently addressing its customers on its website in an area set up for the corona pandemic. The parcel service expects new parcel record volumes in its network this year.

DHL points out that 6,000 packing stations have already been installed to simplify the reception and dispatch of parcels. However, these packing stations have limited capacities. In addition to the branches, DHL has therefore already sent its own parcel buses onto the streets in Berlin. At the same time, the company is hiring new employees and wants to have 10,000 more employees on board by the end of the year.

DHL: 5 golden rules for the Christmas package

Nevertheless, you are also asked to help DHL and the delivery staff so that all parcels arrive on time and without problems. DHL has therefore drawn up 5 golden rules for Christmas packages.

Rule 1: DHL asks you to order and send your gifts “early and well packaged”. Background: If everyone waits until the last day to send the Christmas present across Germany, DHL’s capacities are exhausted. Because the sorting systems only manage a limited number of parcels per hour and the trucks that drive the parcels through Germany are finite despite additional leased capacities.

Rule 2: If your parcel ends up in a branch or a packing station, you should pick it up as soon as possible. This is because it blocks the compartment for other parcels that arrive or are to be sent, especially in the packing station. And even a branch does not have unlimited storage capacity. The first shops are already reaching their limits.

Rule 3: Use the DHL delivery option. You can arrange a storage location such as your terrace or garage online or name a neighbor who is at home because of home office or as a pensioner and accepts your parcels.

Rule 4: You can buy DHL shipping stamps online or in the DHL app. On the one hand, this is cheaper than in the branch and, on the other hand, it saves time when it is returned. If you ask your deliverer nicely, he will usually take the package that you want to send with him when a delivery is made. In addition, the received data for the parcel is already digital in the system. This is easier for sorting than a handwritten address on the package.

Rule 5: You can also hand in returns and parcels at the packing station without prior notification. At least as long as there is still a subject free.

By the way: When it comes to delivery, you shouldn’t be surprised if the parcel carrier doesn’t come for the whole day. He might ring in the evening. The deliverers now work in shifts.

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