#DiaperDon – how a Twitter trend drives Donald Trump insane


DiaperDon – how a hashtag drives President Trump insane

A “question of national security”? Donald Trump threatens to take action against Twitter. Because a disrespectful hashtag goes viral.

The hashtag DiaperDon, which means something like diaper don, has been trending on Twitter since Friday morning.

That was the trigger:

screenshot: twitter

The anti-Trump tweet comes from the Political Action Committee (PAC) Meidas Touch. The US President, who is unfavorably photographed from the side, is sitting at a small table on an unusually small chair.

Because the president’s buttocks spread noticeably under the jacket, it was assumed that the president must be wearing a diaper. Hashtag: DiaperDon.

As a result, the hashtag quickly picked up speed, as t3n.de sums up. More pictures of the very tall president at a very small table, meanwhile declared a “children’s table”, made the rounds online.

How does Trump react?

The US president sees himself as the victim of an anti-conservative defamation campaign that social media services such as Twitter are targeting him.

In an angry tweet, he accused Twitter of deliberately pushing false trends that had nothing to do with actual interests in the world.

In another tweet, Trump called for consequences, threatening a change in the law that would make Twitter and other US companies liable for content.

The US President announced that he wanted to make the abolition of Section 230 an urgent task for the US government. «For reasons of national security».

“When Section 230 is mentioned, it means a regulation of the Communications Decency Act (CDA), which has been in force in the USA since 1996. Essentially, this means that services like Facebook and Twitter are not liable for the content that their users put online. It also gives the platforms extensive freedom to take action against individual contributions. “

those: t3n.de

Trump had threatened the major social media platforms repeatedly in the past.

What about the internet?

The DiaperDon-Trend seems unstoppable, as a flood of tweets shows.

(dsc, via t3n.de)

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