Direct current line south link: Further Thuringian sections have been determined


The Federal Network Agency has defined the route corridors for further sections of the planned Suedlink direct current route in Thuringia. As the authority announced on Monday, the 112-kilometer section between Bad Gandersheim / Seesen in the south of Lower Saxony and Gerstungen will run through Thuringia over a length of twelve kilometers.

The detailed planning for the construction of the direct current underground cable is now to begin in the established, one kilometer wide route corridor. The route corridor runs between Herleshausen and Gerstungen over a length of seven kilometers over the Thuringian region. There are also smaller sections of a total of five kilometers at Ifta and Wahlhausen, on which the route swings briefly from Hesse to Thuringia.

Source: MDR TH√úRINGEN / dr

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