Disgust recall at Netto: Manufacturer warns – do not eat salmon under any circumstances


Netto warns of a fish product from its range. The manufacturer has started a recall and warns against consuming the product.

  • Current callback * for Organic salmon from Net
  • The specified Best before date is not correct.
  • The from recall affected fish can be returned at the point of sale.

Kassel – fish lovers and Net customers should urgently review their purchases if they have made one in the past few weeks Organic salmon bought. Otherwise you could end up eating the Fish an unsightly and potentially very health-damaging surprise is about to happen. The manufacturer has one Callback startedbecause some information on the packaging is incorrect.

A warning is given before consuming the product. The manufacturer Norfisk GmbH recommends the Destroy fish as a precaution. The consumer portal produktwarnung.eu reports on the recall*.

Recall for salmon at Netto: Manufacturer warns – best before date incorrect

Specifically, the Organic smoked salmon from Netto the risk of that one wrong best before date is printed on the packaging. The Norfisk GmbH lost a whole month on the date. Specified on the packaging is 12/30/2020 as the best before date for the fish specified. But the real best-before date is probably November 30th, 2020.

Callback for an organic salmon at Netto. There is an urgent warning against consumption. (Symbol image)

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So that customers don’t get a bum surprise, they should salmon check. According to Norfisk GmbH it is fish Safe to consume until November 12th, 2020. Only batch S15146102 / T3 was given an incorrect date.

The data of the recall affected product:

Name Norfisk organic smoked salmon
Manufacturer Norfisk GmbH
Weight 100 gram pack
Batch number S15146102 / T3
Specified best-before date 30.11.2020

Recall for organic salmon at Netto: Fish is not sold in all federal states

According to Norfisk GmbH, the dated Recall affected salmon Safe to consume until November 12th, 2020. Then the fish from Net but definitely not to be eaten anymore. Because rotten fish isn’t just disgusting. If you eat spoiled food there is a risk of dangerous food poisoning.

The salmon affected by the recall was sold by Netto in several federal states.

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In the case of food poisoning, symptoms arise from the absorption of toxins. Pathogens can also develop in spoiled fish. According to netdoktor.de, the first symptoms manifest themselves very quickly after consumption. Above all, stomach pain and vomiting are therefore very common. In some cases, however, food poisoning can lead to death. For example, if certain fungi have formed in the product.

The salmon was in following federal states in Netto branches offered for sale.

  • Lower Saxony
  • North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Hessen
  • Bayern
  • Thuringia
  • Saxony
  • Saxony-Anhalt

Recall of salmon at Netto: Fish can be returned

The Norfisk GmbH and Netto have responded according to the press release and those concerned Salmon products taken from their range. The manufacturer emphasizes that Norfisk smoked salmon with other batch numbers on the packaging is not affected by the recall and can be consumed without concern.

Customers who affected fish are requested to return the product to Netto. According to the press release, the purchase price will be paid back even without presenting a receipt.

Norfisk GmbH has set up an information hotline with the telephone number (0800) 200 0015, which is manned from Monday to Saturday between 6 a.m. and 10.30 p.m. (Philipp Zettler) * hna.de is part of the Ippen-Digital network.

List of rubric lists: © Holger Hollemann / dpa

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