Dispute over corona costs: the buzzword burden sharing


The Corona failure aid cost the federal government billions. The countries should participate, demands, among other things, Union parliamentary group leader Brinkaus. Many prime ministers are fighting back – they have already made a significant contribution.

In the debate about state corona failure aid for the economy, Union parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus reiterated his call for greater participation by the states. in the Report from Berlin said the CDU politician that there had to be a “burden sharing”, there was also consensus in the Bundestag. Brinkhaus appealed to the “solidarity of the states”, since a large part of the aid is currently only provided by the federal government.

If the federal government and the federal states negotiate with each other, it should in no case happen that the necessary aid fails because people argue about the money. “At the end of the day, what counts is that the money has to be used to get out of the pandemic very quickly, to help those who have to bridge the gap.” Brinkhaus expressed confidence that an agreement will be reached.

Help as long as there are serious restrictions

Brinkhaus receives support from Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD), among others. She believes that government compensation payments for the economy are legally required until the end of the corona pandemic. As long as there are “serious restrictions”, “from my point of view there must also be help,” said the minister of “Welt am Sonntag”. “This reduces the severity of the interventions and thus also contributes to the proportionality of the measures.”

However, the federal government’s financial possibilities are not limitless: “Fighting the pandemic is a national task that must be met by the federal and state governments,” said the SPD politician.

On Thursday, Brinkhaus had already criticized the division of the corona costs between the federal government and the federal states in the Bundestag: The federal states should “finally get involved financially in this matter and not always just make decisions and then present the bill to the federal government”.

Söder: Countries cannot shoulder an awful lot more

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder, on the other hand, assessed the demands from federal politics for greater financial participation by the states with skepticism: At the moment he could not “imagine that the states can shoulder a lot more,” he said at the youth organization Junge Union’s Germany Day.

Söder reiterated his demand to stimulate the economy after the pandemic through tax cuts – for example through lower corporate and energy taxes. He rejected considerations in the SPD’s coalition partner for higher taxes. “Higher taxes must not be made with the Union,” said Söder. “Anyone who thinks that they can torture the country with higher taxes must expect resistance.” “No country in the world pays as much compensation as Germany,” said Söder, referring to the state bridging aid. “We can’t do it like that forever.”

Laschet: Clarify the financing of the Corona aid in January

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet is calling for the financing of Corona aid to be restarted at the beginning of 2021. “I can hardly imagine that we would shut everything down for months and contribute billions from the federal treasury month after month,” said the CDU politician on Deutschlandfunk. “That will also overwhelm our state.”

In the debate about a greater share of the costs of the federal states in state Corona failure aid for the economy, Laschet referred to the previous financial commitment of the federal states in the Corona crisis. The federal states have “spent billions, and it is not entirely fair to say that the federal states do nothing,” he said in reference to the Brinkhaus statements.

Also Thuringia against Brinkhaus demand

Thuringia also rejected the Brinkhaus criticism. Finance Minister Heike Taubert said that the federal government largely determined the level of expenditure to be borne by the federal states within the framework of its legislative competence. “Actually, the following should apply here: who orders, pays.” The SPD politician emphasized that the countries are already making a significant financial contribution to combating the corona crisis and its consequences.

The report from Berlin reported on this topic on November 29, 2020 at 6:05 p.m.

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