Dispute with Amira: Oliver Pocher flees to Austria in the middle of the night


Amira and Oliver Pocher: The two of them always cause explosives. Image: imago images / Revierfoto

Dispute with Amira: Oliver Pocher escapes to Austria in the middle of the night

Again and again it bangs between Amira and Oliver Pocher in front of the cameras or in their joint podcast. But the couple likes to take one or two taunts with humor. These include derailments like “That shitty way”, “I feel like slapping your face” or “You can do it differently with your children after the divorce”.

The latest episode of “The Pochers Here!” Amira and Oliver talked about a past argument that happened between the two. This even led to the comedian going to Austria in a night and fog action.

Amira and Oliver report on their argument

First, Amira described why the two recently complained. It was about the fact that one had not let the other sleep because the TV light was flickering and a TV show was more exciting. The 28-year-old then explained the situation as follows: “We watched this documentary and then he turned away and slept. The day after we watched something else. When I was tired, he turned the TV on again and I was almost there path.” The comedian added:

She didn’t want to be told that a second time and promptly said: “Can you let me finish?” But Pocher’s reaction sounded like this: “Am I now suddenly on a shitty talk show?” Amira was not impressed and clarified the argument between the two:

“Be quiet now! It makes a difference whether we are looking at something together and I say, I will watch another five to ten minutes or whether someone cannot sleep because you suddenly turn on Markus Lanz and the whole room lights up . “

According to Amira, the discussion ended like this: “Sorry that I put the pillow on my head. That did not suit the gentleman. Then he jumped up because of my reaction and suddenly he says: ‘I’m already driving.’ Then he packed up his things. “ At half past twelve, the 42-year-old finally drove to Austria to pick up his mother-in-law, who lives there. It was actually planned that he would only leave in the morning so that Amira’s mother could visit her in Cologne.

Pocher explained: “I just got up, got dressed, and left.” But Amira didn’t just want to let him go: “I thought, come on, this can’t be serious. Especially when you have a child. My thoughts were if something happened now and that is the last scene you had together. That’s not nice either. You never know.” And further:

“It’s also a dangerous drive that you had before you. That’s why I followed you and said: ‘Please, lie down now and drive in the morning. Be sensible!’ Then you knocked on a few lines, we hugged each other and then you drove. “

This is what a small argument at Pocher looks like. By the way, at half past seven in the morning he stood in front of the door of his mother-in-law in Klagenfurt. After that, Amira was forgiving and said to her lover: “You picked my mother up completely selflessly. Still, one worries.” But she is still happy that he is so spontaneous.


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