District Hildburghausen: District administrator wants to talk to church representatives about a ban on worship


After sharp criticism of the provisional ban on church services in the Hildburghausen district, the district office now wants to talk to the churches. District Administrator Thomas Müller (CDU) wants to talk to representatives of the Protestant and Catholic Church on Monday. The confirmed Vice District Administrator Dirk Lindner MDR THÜRINGEN on Sunday.

A new regulation to contain the corona pandemic has been in effect in the Hildburghausen district since Sunday. This prohibits any type of outdoor or indoor gathering – and also church services. The ban was disproportionate, said the regional bishop of the Evangelical Church in Central Germany (EKM), Friedrich Kramer. “Due to the protective measures, none of the services in our regional church has so far been a hotspot,” he said. The Bishop of the Diocese of Erfurt, Ulrich Neymeyr, declared: “Our constitution protects the free exercise of religion. This is a great good, not just any thing.”

Both bishops were angry that the county had not approached the churches before the decree. Neymeyr and Kramer announced that they wanted to talk to District Administrator Müller. The deputy superintendent of the Evangelical Church District Hildburghausen, Hartwig Dede, had previously criticized the ban on worship.

For the approximately 63,000 inhabitants of the Hildburghausen region, a lockdown with strict exit restrictions has been in place since Wednesday, kindergartens and schools are closed. Since Sunday there has been a mask requirement in Hildburghausen’s inner city, church services, meetings and events of all kinds are prohibited. The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week in the district on Sunday was 588, according to the health department on Sunday. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has an incidence of 579 for the Hildburghausen district.

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