Doctor warns of “risk of death” before Christmas – coronavirus


The chairman of the World Medical Association warns of an increase in the number of infections after Christmas. There could also be more deaths.

Christmas is getting closer and closer. But this year everything is different due to the corona pandemic. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, the chairman of the World Medical Association warns of an increase in the number of corona infections after Christmas.

More deaths two to three weeks later

“Medically and epidemically, it is madness to open up again at Christmas and loosen up,” said the doctor on Thursday morning on the radio program “SWR Aktuell”. Two to three weeks later there will be more deaths, he predicted. “Christmas becomes a festival with a risk of death for some people.”

Relaxation over holidays is important for people from a psychological point of view. According to Montgomery, however, it is important that everyone abides by the rules of distance.

“The virus is happy”

The doctor has less understanding for relaxed contact restrictions over New Year’s Eve. A lot of alcohol is involved, especially at the turn of the year, when people celebrate and hug each other. “These are wonderful sources of infection. The virus is happy and cheering,” emphasizes Montgomery.

In Germany the lockdown was extended. The Prime Minister and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have decided to tighten the contact restrictions until January. From December 23rd and up to January 1st at the latest, however, there should be easing. During this time, ten people can get together with friends and families.

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