Donald Trump freaked out on election night in the White House: “What the hell?”


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It is well known that Donald Trump did not take it well that Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner in Arizona early on. According to a report, the US president is said to have freaked out.

  • In the course of US election Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner in Arizona early on.
  • Donald Trump should have completely lost his temper.
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Washington DC – Three weeks after media Joe Biden to the winner of US election must be chosen Donald Trump slowly come to terms with the result. In the run-up to the election had Trump consistently shown with confidence. It was true US President aware of the possibility of defeat, but he was rather joking with this idea: “Oh, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to lose to this guy?” Biden have said.

With the arrival of important results on election night lost Donald Trump however completely the composure. A report in the Washington Post paints a detailed picture of the election party in the White house – and how Trump’s state of mind developed.

Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner in Arizona early on – Donald Trump did not react too pleased.


US election 2020: Donald Trump is furious and yells at everyone

So should Donald Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, other consultants and campaign manager Bill Stepien followed the incoming results in a provisionally furnished room with monitors. Early that evening, they believed they were going to witness a rerun of 2016 when Trump won one major state after another despite a backlog in the polls. Then came the forecast from Fox News. In front of all other US media, the conservative – and actually loyal to Trump – television station declared Joe Biden to the winner in Arizona. A state that no democrat has been able to win since 1996.

“He yelled at everyone,” a government official is quoted as saying. “He was like, ‘What the hell? We should win Arizona. What’s happening?'” Donald Trump should have asked Jared Kushner, Fox News-Call owner Rupert Murdoch and convince the broadcaster to withdraw the forecast. The attempt was unsuccessful, however.

US election 2020: Donald Trump also angry on Fox News

Donald Trump and his advisors are said to have been boiling with rage. Their plan to declare election victory early that night was thus undermined what the US presidents nevertheless did not prevent it. Instead, he referred to alleged election fraud. Trump’s lead in major states shrank until Joe Biden overtook him. Days later, “CNN” declared the Democrats the winner and the next US president. Donald Trump sensed a conspiracy. In the weeks that followed, he tried to challenge the results in court.

“You have to understand Trump’s psyche,” his former ally and spokesman Anthony Scaramucci told the Washington Post. “The classic symptoms of an outsider are that there has to be a conspiracy. It’s not my shortcomings, it’s intrigues against me. That is why he is so prone to these conspiracy theories. ”Such an intrigue saw Donald Trump for example on the part Fox News. Only on Saturday (November 28th, 2020) wrote the US President on Twitter that the station was “unwatchable” and advised fans to tune in to “One America News” or “Newsmax”. Shortly thereafter, however, he himself appeared on Fox News for an interview.

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