Donald Trump: Secret Plan Leaked? President wants to run again in 2024 – one detail is particularly bold


Donald Trump is said to be planning to run for the presidency again in 2024. One detail in particular looks particularly bold compared to successor Joe Biden.

Washington DC (USA) – Breathe a sigh of relief this week, not just in the US economy: Donald Trump* seems ready to pave the way for his successor Joe Biden to free. Although he does not want to speak of an election defeat yet, he has given signals that he will White House would leave. But who believes that USA to face a new beginning without an influential Trump, who could have been wrong.

The US Magazine Daily Beast According to its own information, likes to look for knobs, scandals and stories from hidden corners. And so this week it received information from Trump confidants that really offer something new: Trump should plan in the year 2024 to compete again. It is easy to imagine that his election campaign would accompany Biden’s entire term in office – including a particularly bold action.

Will Donald Trump run for Republicans again in 2024? It also depends on the time

Trump should already have precise plans for its next one Election campaign to have. According to this, three people from Trump’s vicinity have confirmed this. The point at which Trump will officially announce this should be particularly hotly debated. The decisive factor is that Trump the Republican Party* knows further behind him – enough to be able to start the race for her again.

Two confidants want to know that Trump wants to get in the way of his successor in a particularly bold way. Accordingly, he wants to announce during Biden’s inauguration of all times that he would like to become president again.

Trump 2024: His campaign team is already active again in the background

That should be in the background Campaign team* from Trump therefore have already become active. Who is still behind Trump and would donate again for his campaign? Large donors in particular are said to have already been contacted.

After Bloomberg Messages The national security advisor, Robert O’Brien, also assured that in the event of an election defeat he would stand behind Trump even if he ran again. However, this commitment comes from a time when the counting of votes was not yet over.

Observers now suspect that Trumps Refusal to admit defeat and the preparation of a new campaign go hand in hand: Both are part of Trump’s comprehensive strategy of remaining politically present and influential – completely beyond office. This shouldn’t be a good prospect for Joe Biden. (kat) * is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editorial network.

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