Donald Trump’s tiny desk becomes a meme


US President Donald Trump appeared to be sitting at a children’s table during a press conference – much to the delight of the internet.

The incumbent US President Donald Trump recently gave a press conference in which he again cursed alleged election fraud and for the first time offered the prospect of evacuating the White House. The Internet, however, took a liking to an entirely different aspect of the performance: the tiny table the president sat at.

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Users on Twitter initially thought that Photoshop had helped here – but when it became clear that this was not the case and the president was actually sitting behind a measly mini table, it didn’t take long for DiaperDon to become the trending topic and Donald Trump was mocked as a giant baby.

The President himself was anything but happy about the viral Twitter hashtag and commented as usual in the form of a tweet:

In the end, Photoshop was used after all – in numerous memes that mocked Trump’s tiny desk.

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