Duo suspended, Ibisevic has to go in winter


FC Schalke 04 just can’t calm down. The royal blues not only make negative headlines when it comes to sport, but also give off a disastrous image off the pitch. Now the Royal Blues have drawn personal consequences.

As the Bundesliga bottom announced on Tuesday evening, “Nabil Bentaleb and Amine Harit, supervised by the coaching team of the licensed team, will train individually until further notice”. In addition, “the contract with Vedad Ibisevic will be terminated on December 31, 2020”.

Sports director Jochen Schneider justified the surprising end of the Bosnian in a statement.

“Both Vedad and we had different expectations of his involvement at Schalke 04. From our point of view it is better to end the cooperation and to part on good terms. I have known and valued Vedad for many years – as a player and as a person. Unfortunately it didn’t work out here at Schalke as we promised each other. I would like to expressly emphasize that the emotional outburst in training last Sunday has nothing to do with this decision – something like that happens in football, “he said 50 year olds.

Ibisevic recently clashed with assistant coach Naldo during training. The unit is said to have been canceled as a result.

The dispute was preceded by a loud speech by Naldo, “Sky” reported. According to the report, the teammates could have ended the conflict “only with great difficulty” and separated the brawlers.

Bentaleb and FC Schalke 04 “obviously don’t go together”

About Bentaleb, who had already been suspended at Schalke in the past due to disciplinary misconduct, Schneider said: “He is undisputedly an excellent footballer, there are no two opinions. However, we have to say that Schalke and Nabil Bentaleb obviously do not go together. It did not give this one moment, but it was a process. By summer 2021 at the latest, the paths will part. ”

Harit, on the other hand, was initially only given a “pause for thought”. Schneider said: “A few things happened last weekend that we didn’t like. He has great sporting potential, but hasn’t been able to use it in the interests of our team in the last few months. We won’t drop Amine, we will do everything together set to bring him back so that he can bring his qualities to our club. It’s up to Amine that he quickly finds his way back into the team. “

The sports director took the opportunity to set the Schalke route for the coming weeks.

“The squad reduction is part of it. It’s about putting the full focus on football and the performance of our team. It’s not about individual fates, but exclusively about keeping our club in league. Everything is subordinate to that and togetherness is absolutely paramount, says Schneider.

FC Schalke 04 complains of “false reports” from Benjamin Stambouli

Vice-captain Benjamin Stambouli allegedly had to report to those responsible beforehand.

According to “Sky” information, he has since been “pardoned” after a conversation with Schneider. A “picture” report, according to which Stambouli is said to have fled the stadium after being substituted for the break against Wolfsburg during the game, Schneider described in a statement as a “false report”.

Witness statements and video recordings from the surveillance cameras showed that Stambouli did not leave the Schalke Arena until “well after the final whistle,” the statement said. “We talked to Benji, everything has been cleared up. The subject has been made much bigger than it is. Benji gives everything for our club every day,” said Schneider, who explained that Stambouli had merely “reacted disappointed when he was substituted”.

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